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  1. Map Thread XXI

    I don't think that scenario justifies all of those changes in Africa.
  2. AHC: 42nd Paralell Western Canadian-American border

    I feel like that's the kind of border you'd get if the CSA breaks away successfully, allies with the UK, and then ends up victorious in a war against the remnant United States.
  3. Nietzsche converts to Islam

    Suddenly George Lincoln Rockwell and company find more in common with Elijah Muhammad and his followers than antisemitism and a desire for racial separatism, if little changes between the death of Nietzsche and the second world war, which is unlikely. Assuming a fuller embrace of Islam as a...
  4. Culture of a world where WW1 was averted

    Linguistically, German would indeed be much more important in the sciences, sure, but the decline in importance of French language as a whole (rather than legal concepts or expressions) was probably irreversible by 1914.
  5. How would Sino-American relations look like in a world with a liberal capitalist China?

    The Guomindang was not advocating for free markets and likely would be slower to embrace capitalism as quickly as Taiwan has in OTL.
  6. How would democracy evolve if Central Powers won WW1?

    Constitutional monarchies will the norm in Europe at least.
  7. How does Spain being an Axis power impact the war?

    If an Axis Spain captures Gibraltar, is the Rock returned to Britain after the war (assuming the Axis still loses)?
  8. Challenge: An Israel with biblical "Promised Land" borders.

    You'd need some deal with the Maronites and the Druze, and likely also the Melkites and local Shia groups, but by then, you have a state that is far from being primarily Jewish in character.
  9. WIP Map Thread

    They're all justifiable.
  10. Henri, Count of Chambord, Becomes King of France and Spain

    The Peace of Utrecht prohibits a Franco-Spanish personal union.
  11. Culture of a world where WW1 was averted

    Vastly different in many ways. Stronger influence of religion, even if only nominal. A greater adherence to western gender roles. Greater cultural cross-pollination paradoxically existing alongside greater social acceptance of bigotry. English is still the global language as in our timeline.
  12. Leaders who would call themself facsist in a world where it is not discredited

    Hafez Assad Augusto Pinochet Juan Peron Alberto Fujimori Muammar Qadhafi Saddam Hussein Joseph Mobutu Jean Bokassa
  13. WIP Map Thread

    You should give each spoken variety of Chinese its own state.