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  1. WI: WW2 Britain and America allow private soldiers to purchase body armor

    The problem with privately purchased armour or other kit is that the troops are still expected to carry all their issued gear. Which is generally as much as a soldier can reasonably be expected to carry & still be combat effective. Sometimes it is more e.g. when carrying extra ammunition for...
  2. "Russia First" German strategy in ww1?

    Although Germany could have avoided this simply by demobilising troops back to the farms & using nitrogen for fertilizers rather than explosives. But they preferred to keep men in uniform & take food from civilians to feed their troops.
  3. A Hippie in the House of Mouse (Jim Henson at Disney, 1980)

    Trouble is I can't see The Postman giving rise to a major theme park ride, now Waterworld on the other hand.
  4. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    In this TL I'd expect the Italians to have an even lower opinion of Rommel as they would see it he basically ran away leaving them to try & hold off the British.
  5. Least defensible capitals in the world

    At the time they were established most colonial built cities were built on the coast as they had a navy to defend them from other colonial powers & it made them easier to defend in the event of a native revolt. Also having a reliable source of firearms to oppose spear armed natives probably helped.
  6. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    There were also British armoured car formations on the flanks of the attack which are going to wreak havoc on any escaping soft transport they come across. Also hopefully reporting where they are engaging the enemy.
  7. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    It does seem that these 88s are all over the place while IIRC there was only supposed to be a 4 gun battery available. It may be that the frontage is sufficiently narrow that they could range effectively but I thought the British were using brigade level attacks?
  8. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    In this TL Bugs is probably Rommel with 7th Armoured & 4th(?) Indian as the bull.
  9. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    Just roll a D6 to determine which direction formations are moving in - if they happen to meet up it's a bonus.:) - Oh sorry that was OTL's Operation Battleaxe.
  10. Sixes and Snake eyes Rommel's luck in an alternate 1942 desert war

    Now he can strip Egypt of fuel, supplies & transport - if the locals object well that's why Nazis have machine guns /s
  11. A successful settler colony founded by Americans?

    Is this another of these "colonies are only somewhere you have to get to by boat" threads?
  12. WI: Germany offered some concession to Belgium in exchange for military access?

    What sort of concession can the Germans give Belgium that's better than them being one of the powers guaranteeing Belgian neutrality?
  13. Preventing most silent era films from being lost.

    There also have to be some consideration that they will be of value someday otherwise they will be seen in the same light as music hall routines i.e. something to while away an evening but nothing that needs to be recorded.
  14. WI US tried to be a neutral merchant during world wars?

    A more legalistic way for the US to do this is to say they will sell to anyone but they need to use their own shipping to collect the goods i.e. cash & carry. This way the US is not forced into trying to police the entire seas to enforce their isolationism.
  15. WI US tried to be a neutral merchant during world wars?

    So as in earlier wars the British intercept the merchants & buy up their cargoes - the US supplier has now been paid twice so is happy, the British have the cargo at cost so are happy, it's just a bunch of unhappy Germans who have sent gold or dollars to the US (somehow) and have nothing to show...