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    Reds! Official Fanfiction Thread (Part Two)
    Threadmarks: Diary of a Southern Town (PT.IV)

    Mama struck on Easter Sunday. Easter is an interesting celebration combining the resurrection of Christ, the defeat of Death and was originally a celebration of Eostre, goddess of Spring, otherwise known as Ostara, Austra, and Eastre. This was one of the few days the restaurant was closed all...
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    The Sudeten War: History of the World after an Alternate 1938

    Will we see some sort of economic cooperation between the three powers on civilian goods?
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    Man-Made Hell: The History of the Great War and Beyond

    Trends I see in the future: 1. Soviets/Syndies work on improving logistics and expanding industries. They may move critical industries away from areas in bomber or naval gunfire range to more defensible or remote areas. 2. Entente/Central Powers will work on reconstruction and improving naval...
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    Man-Made Hell: The History of the Great War and Beyond

    Questions: 1. So have both sides standardized equipment and vehicles or is it a collection of various designs? 2. Are women serving in any of the militaries in a front line or logistical role? What about women in the industrial workforce? 3. Will both sides try to industrialize areas away...
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    The Decade of Disaster: What if the Franco-Prussian War Escalated? (relaunched)

    1. Will the Brits try to call in loans to Germany and Russia? 2. Will the Romanians, Bulgarians and other Balkans states try to take a piece out of AH?
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    Empire of Liberty: A French Revolution TL

    I will be watching this.
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    God Save These American States

    What is the economic effects of this war in New England, Canada and the UK? Since all three are some of the most industrialized nations in North America and the Atlantic is there a shortage of goods or investment capital? Have women joined the workforce to make up for men in the military?
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    Map Thread XX

    I would like to see more of this world.
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    "What Madness Is This?" Volume II: Prophecies in the Dark

    I think that the first ideas of this worlds internets or regional networks will be developed by linking the computers of the various government ministries. While we think the Union may be religious fundamentalists there are plenty of technocrats and number crunchers in the various ministries...
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    Aside from Axis or Confederate victory, what is the most common AH scenario?

    1. Chinese or Vikings establish settlements in North America 2. French Canada or French America
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    Let The Eagle Scream Version 2: Star-Spangled-Boogaloo

    In our timeline it was accepted custom for Presidents to serve two terms because George Washington did. It was not officially amended to the constitution until the death of FDR who served four terms.
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    Let The Eagle Scream Version 2: Star-Spangled-Boogaloo

    I am thinking that by the mid to late 50s you will see more supermarkets and markets geared to Latin, Caribbean and Asian communities that stock more fruits and vegetables from overseas. I see the same growth of fast food and restaurant chains based on what we would consider 'street food'.
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    Lincoln Lives: How a failed assassination changed the course of a Nation and a newly freed people

    Some questions: 1. Since the US has and is involved in Nicaragua will there be more research into tropical diseases such as malaria? 2. Due to the border raids in Oklahoma will black ownership of firearms be higher? Would we see more 'hunting and sportsmen' clubs? 3. What is the status of...
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    Let The Eagle Scream Version 2: Star-Spangled-Boogaloo

    Will the US be more open to immigration in order to settle the new Territories? Will Us businesses be encouraged to set up subsidiaries in Asia, Africa and Europe? How will the US handle war brides and mixed race children?
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    God Save These American States

    I foresee a bright future for Major General Lee.