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  1. A Successful Crusade of Varna

    The crucial POD could be the blocade of the straits by the christian fleets. OTL the ottomans forces could cross from Anatolia to Europe without much problem. The english wiki simply states that the blocade failed. The hungarian wiki on the question however blames the venetians saying that they...
  2. Louis 15th marries Elizabeth Petrovna

    Would this make sense? The french still haven't written off Poland - at least they did get involved in the war of polish succession - and were allies with the Ottomans against Austria. Russia at the time had aspirations to expand precisly against those 2 - especially the Ottomans. They were far...
  3. World War I Begins in 1917?

    And was illegitimate in every aspect.
  4. Which Sengoku-Era Clan would you want to rule Japan?

    I see a lot of vote for the Ikko-ikki. I can fully understand that people dont like the feudal like system - but to replace it with religious fanatics is really not a receipt for improvement in my book. Or am I misunderstanding the Ikko-ikki?
  5. Which Sengoku-Era Clan would you want to rule Japan?

    Nobunaga was to me by far the most interesting charachter. His readiness to import western ideas, use them and improve them was incredible - a genius. I would have been incredibly interested to see what a Japan ruled by him would looked like in the longer term - especially if his heirs try to...
  6. Additional republics that could turn into monarchies.

    I know its a different tieframe but Im surprised it wasnt mentioned yet: Rome.
  7. East first! Europe after a German / CP victory in 1916

    The hungarian elit was working to implement a wider suffrage OTL before WWI. Their goal was to find a solution to achive this in a way that would minimize the vote of national minorities. But the suffrage would viden. As a rule of thumb Hungary is similar to western Europe just with a few...
  8. World War I Begins in 1917?

    Most likely but if they are in the middle of fighting a civil war in Ireland they might decide to finish that first. If the irish question is solved at the moment sure.
  9. World War I Begins in 1917?

    I certainly think its a possibility - see my previous post - that Germany will switch to an east first strategy as soon as they decide that the Schlieffen plan is not viable. But Im not at all sure this will happen by 1917. If it does: you are fully correct and I agree. But if it didnt the CP's...
  10. Germany wins WWI 1918: does it intervene to crush the Bolsheviks in Russia

    If they are smart they dont: both because of exhaustion of their own country and especially because Russia being red makes an alliance between France (and the UK) and Russia much less likely.
  11. World War I Begins in 1917?

    The things is the germans were putting their money elsewhere: to the army which was seen as much more of a vital question compared to the navy and the expansion and development of the russian army was forcing them to enter an arms race. Also will the british be able to (have the money?) to...
  12. World War I Begins in 1917?

    Actually as much as he is portrayed as the potential savour of the Dual Monarchy, I think I will finally tak the time to read up on him in the near future.
  13. World War I Begins in 1917?

    Care to substantiate those claims with something? Because they are wildly different than anything I know of FF, the hungarian magnates and hungarian peaople. Can you really believe that the hungarian people - in the height of nationalism - would be happy about the dismemberment of their...
  14. World War I Begins in 1917?

    Wouldnt the Ottomans have clear naval superiority on the Black Sea? They would have their dreadnoughts while the russians would have to build it locally (they can buy or build elsewhere but those cant pass the straights). Also wasnt one of the main problem of the russian military far too few...
  15. British invasion of Denmark at start of WW1

    The Danish Island are very very close to the german mainland. Next door actually. How do you prevent the german (and danish) forces landing on the islands? Because any number of smaller naval forces you leave there against that can be swept aside by the much much closer HSF. The thing is: you...