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  1. Is it possible to make a European power (that is not Germany or Russia) strong enough that it could rival the US?

    A British Imperial Federation consisting of the Dominions, the Arabian gulf and a string of city states e.g. HK, Singapore, Bombay, Calcutta, Mombasa etc. While holding large populous colonies like India is in the long run impossible holding entrepots and ports like Bombay as a sort of Indian or...
  2. Improve US Combat Rations both in WW2 and After

    They definitely weren't, in both the North-West Europe and Italian campaign it was repeatedly noted that British field rations did a much better job of keeping troops in contact supplied with their calorific needs. US hot rations prepared by field kitchens, mainly supplied to rear area troops...
  3. AHC: Peerless Air Ministry

    From an engineering perspective the 684 sounds like a nightmare. If you could get it to work great but I don't think it was ever going to be sufficiently reliable to be worth it.
  4. AHC: Peerless Air Ministry

    The Valiant was an order of magnitude better, it could do 560 mph at 54,000 ft but you're not getting that sort of performance without jets. This is the B-29 Spec: Maximum speed: 357 mph (575 km/h, 310 kn) Cruise speed: 220 mph (350 km/h, 190 kn) Range: 3,250 mi (5,230 km, 2,820 nmi) Ferry...
  5. AHC: Peerless Air Ministry

    That's why I said season with the Victory bomber and get Avro to actually do the design. If you look at the targeted performance of the Victory bomber it's a good starting point for an Air Ministry Specification: Altitude:______45,000 ft (14,000 m) Speed:________320 mph (280 kn; 510 km/h)...
  6. AHC: Peerless Air Ministry

    I think the plausible path to a British "B-29" is you start with the Earthquake bomb, add the Monarch engine, season it with the Victory Bomber and give it to Avro and Chadwick to design.
  7. AHC: Peerless Air Ministry

    The Lincoln started life as the Lancaster IV and it was a natural evolution; bigger, better wing, more powerful Merlin 85's enlarged fuel tanks and bomb bays etc. you could very plausibly have it enter service considerably earlier than OTL if the AM had concentrated on a single path of...
  8. AHC: Peerless Air Ministry

    The Lanc is a great aircraft but the Lincoln was significantly inferior to the B-29, it was an old design stretched too far. While it's not a top priority at the moment the RAF wants to get a clean sheet, pressurized, long range, high altitude bomber started even if it won't be ready before the...
  9. AHC: Peerless Air Ministry

    There is basically zero chance that the RAF will be able to get a clean sheet bomber into service before mid to late 1944 starting from late1940. The B-29 started with a December 1939 specification, Boeing submitted their design in May 1940, first flight in September 1942 and first...
  10. AHC: Peerless Air Ministry

    Enough that you'd need a full aerodynamic redesign to really get the benefit. If you're running four big engines at max revs on an OTL Lanc airframe you're either getting a marginal increase in speed at the cost of nuking your range due to increased fuel consumption or you've maxed out your bomb...
  11. Roman Feudalism

    Feudalism can be quite vague term if you expand it to cover things like Shogun era Japan but if you mean the economic and social arrangements that first developed in the Kingdom of the Franks and then expanded across much of the Latin West from 800 A.D. to 1400 A.D. i.e. the manorial system...
  12. British tank gun after the 6pdr?

    Because the Woolwich employed a large number of engineers who wanted a project to justify their employment to avoid them getting conscripted into the REME.
  13. Separated at Birth: America and Drakia

    While the UK has suffered 70% casualties while Ireland is around 5% unless the demographics are really different from OTL they are still 3 to 4 times more British people than Irish so any union would be British dominated in due course.
  14. Separated at Birth: America and Drakia

    What Centroamericans? While the Stone Dogs never hit the 90% "best" case mortality they have to be pretty close. Combine that with damage from AfD attacks in the early stage I suspect north of 90% of the population have died.
  15. Separated at Birth: America and Drakia

    "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Landing ships on fire off the shore of Gaza. I watched space bombers glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die." - Arthur Klein