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  1. Could preventing WW1 make the world a much worse place?

    WW1 gave us both fascism and Stalinism.
  2. Canaan Territory (A Freed Slave State)

    The idea of a African American state (or nation) carved out of the West has many of the same problems the 'What if Israel was in Uganda/Alaska/Pale of Russia' ideas.' The people being discussed don't want to move there.
  3. Crusader Kings III

    After the End is already working on it.
  4. FALL 1861: Confederate Strategy Thread

    Ah, but in doing these things you very well might find yourself no longer in a position to give orders.
  5. What if Nazi Germany did an Anschluss with Switzerland?

    Austria was a nation only a few decades old, with a rickety government and part of a very unstable Central Europe. Switzerland was a stable democracy in Western Europe with centuries of legitimate rule behind it.
  6. Alternate strategies used by the germans post Stalingrad?

    When the USSR didn't collapse in the first year or two, the writing was on the wall. The USSR was too big, too well armed and too stubborn to defeat on the field by then.
  7. WI: Prolonged Confederate Guerilla War

    The Union army would fall on them like a ton of bricks. People act like no one even considered this in OTL and it was some great trump card that Lee graciously turned aside for reasons of morals. It wasn't done because it would have been suicide and small groups that tried were annihilated. The...
  8. FALL 1861: Confederate Strategy Thread

    Isn't this ASB, considering we are giving the CSA essentially perfect 20/20 hindsight ?
  9. A USSR starvation stragegy for Barbarossa, could it had worked?

    Let me get this straight, you think that your enemy, one of the wealthiest and most powerful nations in the world, is secretly also a strong unitary state , capable of outlasting your strongest hammerblows, and your plan is to siege this nation? Good luck.
  10. Anyone interested in Cell to Singularity like Grand Timelines?

    For me,t he appeal of Alternate History is seeing how familiar place and people interact with fictional circumstances. How would TR deal with WW1 or how a French-influenced California would work economically. That sort of stuff is what appeals to me in this genre. Your idea would just be...
  11. Anyone interested in Cell to Singularity like Grand Timelines?

    It would just be straight up speculative fiction.
  12. 1920's US South ----- Black Community Lynches White Rapists.

    Three men can keep a secret, if two are dead.
  13. Temperance Movement/Prohibition after CSA Victory?

    There is another angle here, unmentioned so far. Temperance was often linked to women activist circles. It wasn't quite hand-in-hand with suffrage but it is no chance both came into being at the same time. Both North and South had women's voting movements, if tiny, during and just after the...
  14. Young Chester A. Arthur dies in "bleeding Kansas"

    Wow, nice find. I had no idea Arthur had gone to Kansas in that time period. I am fooling around with a Conkling Presidential TL.
  15. Temperance Movement/Prohibition after CSA Victory?

    This is a very interesting question and I am curious what some of our posters will come up with. There are lots of inter-locking parts here.