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  1. Planters' land broken up after the American Civil War

    That already happened when the president got killed. If that didn't do it another body isn't going to matter.
  2. Jefferson davis Talent as a confederate general or sectary of war

    William Davis seems to imply that Davis was the natural choice, especially since Toombs self destruction removed him from the running, if Davis explicitly doesn't want it or backs down Cobb is the next runner up, with potentially Stephens as well. To me, Stephens seemed to be a much better...
  3. Can the UK keep some American states?

    If Machias falls during the Revolution, the Penobscot is probably the new border, even when the British won a resounding victory during the Penobscot Expedition that small town holding out effectively set the border where it was. I actually have that book. Very short but worth a read.
  4. What if the British had kept New Ireland from Maine after the War of 1812?

    It's really not. If you control the sea, you control the south bank of the river. It's super hard to hold if you don't control the waves.
  5. If Canada never unifies/expands then what happens to OTL central Canada?

    The Canadas had their eyes on the prairies for a long time and they were gearing up for expansion well before Confederation happened. Even if there are a bunch of separate dominions the West (excluding BC) probably still winds up in Canada.
  6. What if the British had kept New Ireland from Maine after the War of 1812?

    I don't who y'all are kidding that there would be a territory swap between this and peninsular Upper Canada. America didn't even really have that territory, there was a big punitive raid in 1814 meant to discourage the locals but that was about it, they promptly went home to Detroit when it was...
  7. What if Lord Halifax became Prime minister and made peace with Germany

    If the scenario happens, I suspect that Britain rapidly retools and preps for round two and then winds up in shock when the USSR nearly goes down in the first year. Cold War ensues.
  8. What if the British had kept New Ireland from Maine after the War of 1812?

    Exactly. This only affects Canada, and even then not overly profoundly. An earlier rail link to the coast is a huge windfall for the tiny port of St. John and it might get as big as Halifax and rival the main city of the Maritimes. The other thing that changes is that with its economy now...
  9. What if the British had kept New Ireland from Maine after the War of 1812?

    It's the Penobscot. The Kennebec is much further west. Quebec had a major rebellion a few decades down the line, it never got past the outskirts of greater Montreal, the countryside never really cared. The Intercolonial Railway had a route surveyed in 1855 from St. John to Montreal that was...
  10. What if the British had kept New Ireland from Maine after the War of 1812?

    The British had a handful of colonization schemes in Canada which proved successful, but they quickly shelved them because they realized that Irish were perfectly willing to migrate to the Americas on their own no matter how poor they were.
  11. What if the British had kept New Ireland from Maine after the War of 1812?

    They just attach it to New Brunswick. New Ireland makes sense before the creation of a separate province from Nova Scotia, but not after. At the time of the Revolutionary War New Brunswick didn't exist and Nova Scotia had the whole area, so a new province made sense. Less so after 1812...
  12. Entertainment in a Confederate Victory

    I've always wondered what happens to Twain in a world where the Confederacy won. Which way does he go?
  13. If Sweden had joined the Central Powers because of Admiral Essen, would they then have joined the Winter War?

    A lot of this depends on how pissed the Swedes are over the perfidious attack and the Russian response. If we're following the OP and there was a war, presumably the Russians weren't as humble as they could have been.
  14. Projected power level of a Canada that possesses both Alaska and Greenland?

    Overnight Alberta unemployment doubled, bankruptcies doubled, and Alberta lost over $900 billion in lost GDP. And then it got hit with the global recession afterwards. I doubt it affects Canadian power projection though, unless Alaska gets provincial status along with Alberta and...
  15. Your favorite reason why Britain would DoW Germany anyway if Berlin went east-first in 1914

    I think it's because some posters still follow the thesis that the Germans are ultimately to blame and others don't. Given how contentious that topic is amongst professional historians I can't see it being less contentious here.