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    WI: Brazil-Uruguayan war in the 70s.

    Well.. Operation thirty Hours was an planned invasion of Uruguay by Brazil in 1971, drawn up by Emilio Medici in case Frente Amplio, a left wing party won the election. This got me wondering, assuming Frente Amplio actually won the election, what would be a realistic fallout from this...
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    the best movies never made

    Brazil(1985) - an black comedy film set in a Brazilian military dictatorship, a bureaucrat working for ARENA ended up as a dissident after a love affair.
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    Pop Culture Oneshot Scenarios

    Some weird ideas about Brazil movie: instead of setting in dystopian future, it could be set in Brazil under Military dictatorship.
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    DBPC: Successful 1964 Brazil coup attempt

    I think it was doomed from start with Jango’s appointment of Henrique Teixeira Lott as Minsiter of War.
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    DBPC: Successful 1964 Brazil coup attempt

    The coup by General Humberto de Alencar de Castello Branco in Brazil against Joao Goulart in 1964’s failure would seem obvious. Due to many of the workers supporting Goulart. Was this support on Joao Goulart that inevitable?
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    DBAHC: WW2 doesn’t spill over to Latin America

    Which proved to be a mistake when Bolivia invaded Brazil. It was an equivalent of Operation Barbarossa for Brazil. As that docking rights pact was equivalent to Molotov-Ribbentrop pact for Brazil.
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    DBAHC: WW2 doesn’t spill over to Latin America

    Not to mention avoiding revanchism in Bolivia over losing Chaco war, which led them to join the axis and invade Paraguay and Brazil.
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    DBAHC: WW2 doesn’t spill over to Latin America

    South America, alongside Europe and Pacific islands and China, has been well-Known battlefield of WW2. So here is a challenge: With PoD of 1933, prevent South American theater from opening in WW2.
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    AHC a nation in South America with a similar level of development and economy to Canada?

    Brazil if Milton Campos became VP in 1960. This would have butterflied away 1964 coup and following military junta that destroyed its economy.
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    DBWI : Islamic terrorists instead of communist one did 9/11

    NK did conduct a single successful nuclear test few month before the invasion. They couldn’t produce more before it was too late.
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    What if Kaesong remained under South Korea and impact on Frontline defence?

    the factor is that Kaesong, if South Korea took it, will lie within Civilian Control Line due to being very close to North Korea. I don't think it will look like other South Korean cities. rather, it would be pretty abandoned.
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    Photos of the New Order

    Equestria At War, is an Hearts of Iron 4 mod based on eponymous novel, a sequel to My Little Pony. Which is set immediately after the series.
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    DBWI: Your favorite episode of the Alternate History TV Series

    “Starry Flight” was my personal favorite. It had Samsung Purchasing Fokker.
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    The Anglo/American - Nazi War - The on-going mystery

    At that phase, however, each of the german statelets will have developed very separate identities from each others that they would not want to unify.
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    The Empire Parnell Built

    the coup in 1964 and formation of National Renewal party reminded me of Brazilian Military dictatorship.