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  1. Does Your Conscience Bother You?- A George Wallace Victory TL

    Ngl, I really doubt the Israelis would invade on Yom Kippur, like wtf. That's not even considering the cold War political proxy stuff in regards to the Middle East with the US not supporting their main ally in the area.
  2. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    Huh, wouldn't the British have at the very least sent a destroyer squadron or something to help the Greeks?
  3. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    Is it not obvious? This is why the Italians are going beaten badly, they had no pasta!
  4. The House of Komnenos, Like a Phoenix From the Ashes: An Eastern Roman Timeline

    Especially at the fact that the Bulgaria he so painfully made pilant to Roman rule is once again threatening Roman control of the Haemus.
  5. It's A Long Way To Nagasaki: The Anglo-Japanese War

    Seems to me a few escort/light carriers would be excellent convoy attackers.
  6. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    Yey, Lawrence's death was butterflied, I wondered how an alive Lawrence could contribute to the SOE and SAS. Seems like they're sending him back to his ole hunting grounds.
  7. The Undying Empire: A Trebizond Timeline

    I feel one would be the better option. Giving the tl somekind of ending is better than leaving us hanging.
  8. Our Fractured Crown: An Eastern Roman Timeline

    It is likely with the Aegean more or less shut off to the Genoese, Trebizond will soon dominate the Black Sea and retake Theodoro/Crimea. Now we have to see what the Venetian will respond to the resurgence of Imperial Naval Power.
  9. Our Fractured Crown: An Eastern Roman Timeline

    Hopefully in this timeline the Romans hires alt!Orban's to design their cannons.
  10. Our Fractured Crown: An Eastern Roman Timeline

    It is very likely the army will have to rest as the nearly year-long campaigning is taking its toll on the men no doubt. But still, within a year, Andronikos has secured most of Greece with the exception of Morea and Crete and that is no doubt a feat worthy of a triumph! Now, the Empire only...
  11. And All Nations Shall Gather To It - A Crusades TL

    I think it's from the comparatively lower density of forts by the Rhomans compared to the Latins.
  12. Our Fractured Crown: An Eastern Roman Timeline

    In the west, the main thing for the Romans to do would be to secure the rest of Greece, Eprius and maybe reclaim the Danube border. I believe that the best borders the Romans could have would be Basil II's border.
  13. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    I expect the Turkish economy to go into freefall in coming months. The Axis would not be able to supply them and I expect an invasion from Syria too.
  14. Our Fractured Crown: An Eastern Roman Timeline

    And there are still the Megas Komnenoi kicking round in Trebizond. Hmm, maybe Alexandros is a hint that Trebizond potentially peacefully reunited with the Empire? And personally, I belive the Rhomans would try to conquer the Levant, but I don't believe they would get very far.
  15. Our Fractured Crown: An Eastern Roman Timeline

    I wonder if the church starting its own trade will lead to snowball effects down the line. Hybrid Clergy-Merchants? Anyways, with the Anatolia frontier secure for now, the next move is likely cutting Serbia down to size and moving down towards Epirus/Thessaly or Morea?