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  1. What are some of the most surprisingly great locations for a civilization that didn't live up to it's potential?

    I actually think hilltop settlements are part of the problem (not the disease problem). Infant civilizations need to get dense, and carrying all your water up the hill is an impediment to that until relatively advanced technology. Is your thesis that (ATL) agriculture develops independently...
  2. Had the White Army won, how would they have governed Russia?

    Without a Red victory in Russia, the Nazis probably don't exist as a viable party. Not that something else nasty coming from Germany is unimaginable...
  3. Nobunaga’s Ambition Realized: The Dawn of a New Rising Sun

    I would imagine in all probability it would be like William Adams and those Dutch who worked for Tokugawa. Hatamoto (minor nobility), descendants fade into obscurity. The difference, however, is thier jobs. The abovementioned were basically pet Euro-experts valued because they were hostile...
  4. Would it be possible to terraform Greenland?

    The center would definitely rebound. No doubt The question is then making any of this land livable. At high latitude, continental east coasts are colder than west coasts. Greenland and Hudson's Bay are especially cold this way. You'd need general global warming and/or a redirection of ocean...
  5. AHC: Make Reagan a one term President.

    Quickest answer: John Hinkley strikes true. Greenspan and Volcker had the same program. Reagan was ideologically aligned with both of them.
  6. AHC: British Afghanistan

    WI Elphinstone wasn't a complete loser.
  7. AHC: Ancient Egyptian colonies

    Wood and metals. Egypt is poor in both.
  8. AHC: Make Herbert Hoover Be Remembered as a Good President

    Somehow get FDR to be a disaster.
  9. AHC: No More Turks

    What you really need to pull this off is competing non-Turkish muslim identities. Anatolian Muslims would much quicker grab on a different ethnic identity than change religion. How exactly you arrange that I don't know. Alternatively, you make WWI end faster (intact Russia) but still...
  10. Long term developments of a moderately successful Vinland colony? (read OP post please people)

    I forsee Norse adventurers sailing up the St. Lawrence and down the Atlantic coast. This raiding and trading should have consequences. Where would raiding and trading be profitable? How many wives would be brought back? What's the likely point of first contact with Iroquois or other...
  11. Longest Britain can keep India?

    There were technically things Britain could have done to keep India, given fairer winds. However, I just don't see the British -taking- those steps. It's like how Portugal failed to keep Brazil- too much attachment to their original piece of dirt. A British Commonwealth could easily include...
  12. What revolutionary technologies did OTL miss?

    Compound bows. Doable at lower tech.
  13. Better off as Hunter Gatherers?

    The greatest level of violence is seen at the agricultural transition through the early bronze age. This can be seen in both paleogenetic evidence and 'fossil' societies. Once you farm, you have to defend your territory instead of shifting away. That isn't to discount the high rates of...