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  1. The Undying Empire: A Trebizond Timeline

    Err, what spoiler?
  2. Atlantic slave trade... But with europeans?

    That's a strawman AND misinformation in one sentence. The idea was that they died at lower rates, not that they were immune. Which was true (the dying at lower rates). Outside of sugar plantations, (mistreated!) African slaves had a...
  3. The Eagle of the East, Rhomania: An Eastern Roman Timeline (1196 - Onwards)

    I see. The temporary solution. Steppe grasses do come back after fire, but I guess they only want grazing impossible for a few years.
  4. The Eagle of the East, Rhomania: An Eastern Roman Timeline (1196 - Onwards)

    How exactly does one destroy a steppe? Planting forests, overgrazing or irrigation? Poisoning cattle watering holes?
  5. AHC: medical “CAT scan” involves actual disease-sniffing cat.

    You make it sound silly. This has been an actual thing more than once already.
  6. Byzantium Resurrected: A Second Alexiad

    Too much attention to the continent. And it's modern; separate Wales could be recent.
  7. Byzantium Resurrected: A Second Alexiad

    I spy a Plantagenet empire.
  8. AHC: Make Germany win WW2 by giving them a reliable ally.

    Was he involved with it at all, or is that a decision somebody else made? This is the same Rommel that thought Nazism meant you could have Jewish governors.
  9. Effects of Finnish Ski Troops used in the Battle of Moscow

    Ski troops were particularly effective in areas of Finland with discontinuous front. This allowed them to surround and destroy road-bound Soviet columns deep in the woods. Moscow was more dense, to put it mildly. Tossed into the frontal meatgrinder? Marginally more effective and mobile, but...
  10. Caribbean slavery never really takes off in the 1500s.

    When I search this topic (why sugar cane farming was so deadly), I only get hints and anecdotes. Could someone point me to a solid article analyzing mortality in sugar cane plantations (during and after slavery)?
  11. AHC: Make Germany win WW2 by giving them a reliable ally.

    Yes. That's actually a pretty extreme POV you're touting.
  12. What would be the latest PoD that could see India becoming a Superpower?

    India never leaves the British empire, and the British Empire never breaks up. The British Empire becomes a superpower, and is in truth an Indian empire because India becomes the strongest and most influential part.
  13. Separated at Birth: America and Drakia

    Off-topic, but this is literally Rwandan government propaganda for the purpose of integrating Tutsis and Hutus and externalizing their problems to the Belgians. It's sort of a noble lie to heal the country. Despite there being some mobility between the two ethnic groups, they really were...
  14. Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    Nothing is guaranteed. The Sublime Porte could get lucky. Or, for example, get its shit together
  15. Reasons for the collapse of the Soviet Union

    I'm not seeing the Farewell dossier, Chernobyl, oil or the arms race here. When the price of oil crashed in 1986 the soviet economy was hit hard. Combined with the (continuing unbalancing from the) arms race, western monkeywrenching, and the...