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  1. Map Thread XX

    Alaska passed RCV. Washington, California, Georgia, and Louisiana have jungle primaries with runoffs (and several other states have them for primaries).
  2. WI : french troops invade Belgium FIRST

    Britain stays neutral through at least 1914, publicly condemning but privately backing France through loans. Germany would still occupy Luxembourg as a critical rail junction.
  3. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes VI (Do Not Post Current Politics or Political Figures Here)

    The House would probably elect Clark given the results of the 1912 Congressional elections and having the mandate of both electoral and popular pluralities.
  4. AHC: A Russian Colony Literally Anywhere Besides Alaska

    Siberia and Turkestan were their colonies.
  5. Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?

    Germany's interest would be in ensuring that any new French regime would continue to pay its war debts. Otherwise TTL will very likely have a parallel to the OTL French occupation of the Ruhr.
  6. Could Japan be fought *without* racist stereotypes?

    Only with a POD that would probably butterfly the Pacific War entirely.
  7. All former Nazi members blocked from the public sector

    De-Baathification was (borderline Current Politics but I digress) a disaster that helped fuel the rise of ISIL. Membership in the NSDAP was just as likely to be a matter of advancing one's professional career as it was to be a result of ideological fervor, if not more so, and locking all members...
  8. Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?

    Interesting update and one with an interesting note to end on. Despite the failures of his second term, Wilson's first term was reasonably successful on the domestic front--the creation of the FTC, the Adamson Act, the appointment of Louis Brandeis (one of the greatest Justices in Supreme Court...
  9. Map Thread XX

    I feel like there would be an effort at an international conference to negotiate the future (and likely division of) Austria-Hungary rather than Germany/Russia/Italy unilaterally intervening.
  10. Crimson Banners Fly: The Rise of the American Left

    We've avoided a split electoral college too many times.
  11. Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?

    The Ottoman Empire retook Kars and Serbia/Montenegro are Austrian protectorates rather than fully annexed.
  12. Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?

    On US politics--I could see the end of the war in 1916 either helping or hurting Wilson in his re-election bid. On one hand, he can say he successfully kept the US out of war. On the other hand, that issue was the very reason why many traditionally Republican-leaning voters in the Midwest were...
  13. What if Nazi Germany did an Anschluss with Switzerland?

    The Swiss are perfectly capable of kamikaze-ing Germany's economy through destroying its gold reserves, which is a major reason why they weren't attacked IOTL.
  14. Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?

    There are multiple routes for Japan to go down in this timeline. It's been spoiled that a Pacific War happens, but little else (and keep in mind, the possibility of a Japanese-American War had existed for decades before Japan was fully taken over by the militarists)
  15. How long can Republicans hold the Black vote?

    When freedmen gained the right to vote with the 15th Amendment, they overwhelmingly backed the Republican Party for obvious reasons. While most of them lost their right to vote in the South when Reconstruction ended, Black voters in the North continued to support the Republican Party as the...