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  • Skyborne

  • I saw your posts over on the Alien History thread, and I was just wondering why you don’t like Naruto? Not trying to start an argument, just curious.
    skarosianlifeform 2
    I just can't stand Naruto the character, because even IRL I really dislike loud, overly impulsive and immature people (even as a kid myself I hated that)...
    I'm not denying the qualities of the character or the universe, but this aspect makes it painful for me to watch the anime
    Skyborne 1
    Fair enough. I'd argue that Naruto's transition from obnoxious brat to mature hero over the course of the series is actually what makes him interesting, but I can get why it put you off.
  • Kayin Dreemurr

    Kayin Dreemurr

  • By any chance, would you be interested in helping with the Co-Op/Collab Andorian Wank idea? Since I saw you like the post in the Misc. Trek thread?
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