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  1. The Lands of Green and Cattails - a TL about Balto-Slavic domestication of cattail approx 1400 BC

    You're mixing what should be in an Author Notes and what should be in the story proper. Otherwise looking forward to it.
  2. A Lusophone World

    I believe it couldn't join the EU due to being non democratic, e.g. essentially votes aren't free and fair.
  3. A Lusophone World

    The Soviets are spending themselves dry far more so than OTL and have less opportunity to recoup loses from Europe with both France and Portugal being energy self-sufficient and Norway soon to start producing oil as well. China is not going to be able monopolize manufacturing to any great extent...
  4. A Lusophone World

    Fear, begrudging respect, and necessity seems to be a common theme in the relationships of the Federation. The British Commonwealth might actually remain a potent power into the future because the other three members feel and are more powerful within the organization and the competing influence...
  5. A Lusophone World

    It seems decoupling will be a very serious affair TTL with the Brexit example. Developed nations might become more cautious on who they link their economies with.
  6. A Lusophone World

    That's surprising. I didn't see the Portuguese accepting them. I guess they would only take the most educated and most assimilable.
  7. European Style Micro-states Outside of Europe

    The geopolitical situation that tolerates their existence is rather unique. I think a decolonization process of Africa might be able to forge a few.
  8. A Lusophone World

    The situation in West Africa with the Mali Federation surviving was a nice bonus. I feel like Balkanized India would suit the people much more than slow, cumbersome and monolithic unified subcontinent. Unlike China no single ethnicity/culture passes the 50% mark, much less 90%+. Overall the...
  9. A Lusophone World

    OTL the non-aligned movement simply could not compete with the two Super Blocks but the Portuguese Third Way TTL will force Moscow and Washington to be more forthright in their dealings. The Israeli-Arab relations will be much forstier TTL with Israel unshakled by the more moderating US influence.
  10. A Lusophone World

    I guess Sweden & co learned from the British exit... :p If any two countries deserve a Special Relationship it's Portugal and Germany, over 30 years by now.
  11. A Lusophone World

    Yes, but wouldn't those players be in Club Soccer, not national teams?
  12. A Lusophone World

    We might not see that many players of African origin in European national teams TTL, with it no longer the prime destination with the Federation nearby reachable by land. Looks like they finally got their satellites. I don't think that's possible in Western Democracies. It's terribly intrusive...
  13. CSA Slavery End through plantation class bankruptcy?

    An early Boll Weevil plague would wipe out the credits of the planters in short order.
  14. Topics you think deserve more love in Alternate History

    West Africa, Ghana/Mali/Songhai/Bamana Empires. Maybe a Abubakari II focused on the coasts of Africa rather than traversing the Atlantic.
  15. Westward the Revolution! (A Soviet victory over Poland in 1920)

    Communism has shown it's true face to the world faster than OTL, will this turn off some of the intelligentsia that were enamored with the ideology? The Soviet's massive espionage rings are probably not going to be so successful TTL.