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  1. African Yugoslavia: Redux Edition

    French population should be in open revolt by now.
  2. Solar Dreams: a history of solar energy (1878 - 2025)

    And there we go, first steps into the realm of hybridization! But man, I wonder how this will affect architecture. Taking advantage of Wind and Solar will be a significant feature in building designs.
  3. Of lost monkeys and broken vehicles

    Well, Bulgaria will have a tougher time than OTL with a much stronger Greece able to act on the atrocities committed on her citizens.
  4. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    One has to wonder how those in Moscow and Free-France sees the growing strength of the Anglosphere. The Empire not needing to be baled out by the US makes their combine might pretty much unassailable, if there is a Alt Yalta Conference it won't be quite the same.
  5. African Yugoslavia: Redux Edition

    And Mali sat on it's hind while Mauritania did this?
  6. Solar Dreams: a history of solar energy (1878 - 2025)

    In Namibia and Libya the natives could be at risk of finding themselves minorities in their own country due to European immigration.
  7. Of Sea And Sun: The Nations of the South Pole

    This is very interesting. Hope they will get back to their root in South Africa.
  8. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

  9. A Lusophone World

    I'm guessing then that both the benefits of the Barter Network and checking US influence is what spurred France to seek Commonwealth Association. The Middle East likely doesn't benefit as much on Oil being traded in Dollar. Developing nations being able to simply focus on developing available...
  10. Bilad Al Hamran: A Malian America

    Well, I hope the successive Mansa focus of west Africa first before trying to go to America. They'll need the wood anyway.
  11. Essai en Guerre: an FFO-inspired TL

    Is Eisenhower the Supreme Allied Commander?
  12. A Dog Went Left

    How advanced are their watercraft?
  13. A Lusophone World

    Damn, Labor screwed the Isle over. The US' continues attempt to exclude the Federation Europe has to be ruffling some feathers fierce. Is Oil included in the Barter Trade, if so how is that seen in America? Also does the Commonwealth & Associates tax Lusitania Barter?
  14. Solar Dreams: a history of solar energy (1878 - 2025)

    Pictures are really helpful, I had a different mental image on how it was assembled so this cleared up a lot.
  15. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    How large is the German force in Italy?