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    PC: More European monarchies survive WWII

    While one could point to the French Revolution as the beginning of the end of the dominance of monarchy over Europe, and the aftermath of the First World War as the continuation of the trend, it wasn't really until WWII when the pendulum swung firmly in the direction of republicanism. Italy...
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    No G harder then Kenny G

    Somehow I get the feeling Kenny G in this timeline is an angel. The kind that says "be not afraid" when you see their true form.
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    Vichy France, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Thailand gets the same reputation as Nazi Germany, Italy, and Japan

    Have them be as willing accomplices in war crimes as the Germans and Japanese are. I mean, there's a reason the Ustase are reviled in the Balkans.
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    What are some likely convergences?

    Zanzibar as well. Another thing that comes to mind are cities on the middle of a river- where control of the course of the river is just as, or more important, as controlling the mouth. Paris, Vienna, Budapest come to mind.
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    What are some likely convergences?

    Funny thing is that I can think of no less than five AoE2 civs that fit the bill - Huns, Magyars, Cumans, Tatars and of course Mongols. What other places would be great for an "inevitable" city? Mouths of rivers like Alexandria and New Orleans?
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    No G harder then Kenny G

    Suge Knight dead? MC Hammer on a career resurgence? Huge Mothra-sized butterflies from Kenny G joining Death Row.
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    No G harder then Kenny G

    So Death Row Records earns some mainstream appeal by getting Kenny G of all people. Now that's a POD I'd never have imagined.
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    What are some likely convergences?

    How about the polity controlling the Nile also controlling the Levant? New Kingdom Egypt, the Roman Empire, Fatimid and Mamluk Egypt, the Ottoman Empire. It's only recently where that hasn't been the case.
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    The Children of Camelot

    Well this is certainly an interesting wrinkle in the "posthumous child of Arthur and Catherine" trope.
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    WI: Castilian-Portuguese union instead of Castilian-Aragonese union?

    France becoming the sudden superpower of Europe as opposed to the Habsburgs would be an interesting wrinkle, considering France was already pretty strong in its own right. To an extent it was similar to post-Reconquista Spain in that it was fresh off of a conquest and needed avenues of pressure...
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    WI: Castilian-Portuguese union instead of Castilian-Aragonese union?

    Let's say that instead of Castile and Aragon forming "Spain" in the 15th century, it's a union of Castile and Portugal that forms "Spain" instead. How would history change as a result? For starters, without Castile tied to Aragon and its Italian orientation, the Spanish monarchy is tied up less...
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    Rock albums from alternate timelines

    This is a good reminder of the fact that it was Paul who was plugged into Swinging London the most of the Fabs, as well as him introducing the band to folks like Stockhausen.
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    Could James II have retained his throne if he was pragmatic about religion?

    Wasn't the big problem the fact that James II/VII had a son by his second, Catholic wife (Mary of Modena) while having only daughters with his first, Protestant wife (Anne Hyde)? Ol' Jimbo at the least was canny enough to not force his daughters to convert, but given how those in power in...
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    Blue Skies in Camelot: An Alternate 60's and Beyond

    Yeah, there's a part of me that believes all the Kennedy family tragedies of OTL were a karmic reaping for all of Joe Sr's sins.
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    Consequences of a longer lived Charles VIII of France?

    Ah, Charles VIII, aka one of the Renaissance's also-rans. Often in Renaissance era AHs this poor guy gets set aside in favor of his much more interesting and competent cousin Louis XII, and is often done in before he can sire a child, let alone a son. But what if history were kinder to Louis...