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  1. How do we have the United States with a parliamentary system of government?

    Wrong forum. Multiple member electorates (3/5th). Almost as if historic. Have to break the weirds Lords system they developed indigenously. Also the districting of MmeMPs is problematic. Also they probably don't want to view themselves as 13 electorates.
  2. DBWI: What if America was first on the moon?

    So you're saying the Soviet Guard Cavalry motorcycle scouts don't capture Peenemünde intact including the famous lunar obsessed scientist Freiherr Baron Doctor Professor HKR von Münchhausen?
  3. "A Very British Transition" - A Post-Junta Britain TL

    “…missing students from 1973. Some say that the bodies will be turned up by peat cutters… he is only know to the Truth and Reconciliation committees as The Stig.” Don’t go into the bend half arsed. Use a full arse.
  4. Top Video Games never made

    Following in the vein of Sid Meiers’ Civillisation and Sid Meiers’ Colonisation; both of which ellided certain aspects of history; Sid Meiers’ First Five Year Plan (5 in 4) failed at the writers desk for good reasons. Inspired by Stalin’s Dilemma, a three turn excel simulator, FFYP(5/4) would...
  5. "A Very British Transition" - A Post-Junta Britain TL

    "And as Scotland Goes to the Polls the price of Heating Oil, Fertiliser and public house property insurance have risen as expected."
  6. The Hanoi versus NLF/VC thesis - a request for substantiation

    My favourite key moments for a hard split are, by time: 1) 1946 Organised southern trots*1 2) Northern Development Line Wins: 1957 Southern Go it alone 3) 1959 Southern Go It Alone causes "Runctions" north 4) 1965 no US intervention Southern Done it Alone (This is the **only** scenario AFAICT...
  7. No Chinese Intervention in the Korean War

    I'm guessing the only way to avoid Chinese intervention is for the evincing of American restraint…indicating a continued rump DPRK "tripwire" state and a UN restoration of status quo ante (pushed North, somewhat, never mind). So despite my esteem of raharris1973, should we not look to American...
  8. The Hanoi versus NLF/VC thesis - a request for substantiation

    The biggest indicator of regional line variance and independent bases of nomenklatura power and thus interests was the VWP in the south _preceeding_ the general line of the VWP in starting hostilities against the Diem comprador cliques’ government. Largely because they were being executed...
  9. Music culture in a world where rap really was a fad?

    Rap rejects mainstreaming. Cheese'd shi^wstuff like party rap is viewed like Hardstyle or Happy Hardcore: a fundamentally underground subcultural phenomena which barely pays its way for the drug driven subcultural aficionados; but, which, in turn is rejected by the true masters of craft who...
  10. Most plausible WW2 stalemate scenario?

    The Soviet Union, with significant Western Support in logistics and communications, defeats the German aligned axis powers—however, Western powers resentment over the socialisation of Europe under bolshevik control leads to a horrific cold war lasting 48 years.
  11. If the American Industrial Base had been damaged in WW2, how much slower would the global recovery from WW2 be?

    Given the global economy couldn’t soak up historical over-production: more or less the same.
  12. WI: The US de-escalates Vietnam

    This is a thread where US policy is being tested against a Vietnamese nomenklatura (formed from a Daoist, Confucian and Buddhist influenced intelligentsia largely,) that read Marx. Things aren't one thing or another; but, both, simultaneously, in a relationship. Ho slavishly followed Moscow's...
  13. WI: The US de-escalates Vietnam

    Now there's a POD we haven't done, which plays into the typical dolchstoßlegende of American War threads. What if the Peace Corps wins the Vietnam War as a political war? Obviously we're going to need literate University-capable cadreised political operatives who speak Vietnamese fluently...
  14. An Earlier Use Of Drugs/Drugs Epidemic/War On Drugs

    Friends with Bennies. For that matter as you observed the pre-prohibition social contest over alcohol amounted to an "epidemic" "war on drugs." Drugs won that time too. yours, Sam R.
  15. WI: The US de-escalates Vietnam

    If your take is that corps strength operations are politically determinate in south east asia in the 1940s-1980s then I've got four corps I want to tell you about. yours, Sam R.