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  1. Dread Nought but the Fury of the Seas

    True, but it could also be described as a film about a ship escorting a convoy, so there are certain similarities. I believe that we also have film studios in the UK - I won't hold my breathe but its not completely beyond the realms of possibility.
  2. Dread Nought but the Fury of the Seas

    I would disagree based on the imminent release of Greyhound - a film centered in the Captain of a US destroyer escorting an Atlantic convoy, based on CS Forester’s book, The Good Shepherd. On a different topic and I might be wrong but I believe it has cropped up already - refitting ships. I...
  3. AHC: A Different USS Alaska

    I think the design is questionable and certainly by 1943 there probably wasn’t much need to lay down more battleships or battlecruisers, But I don’t think you can criticise the US Navy/govt too much for laying down ships 10 days to 2-3 months after Pearl Harbour.
  4. AHC: A Different USS Alaska

    Presumably a feature - one assumes that they didn’t design it with one rudder thinking ‘this baby is gonna corner on rails’ and then got it in the water and just thought ‘Ah’. A misguided attempt to save a tiny amount of money? How did the turning circle compare to the US and Japanese heavy...
  5. Dread Nought but the Fury of the Seas

    Then you try it with a destroyer first, like they did with high pressure boilers. It doesn’t specifically say that it hasn’t been used elsewhere yet or tested in a destroyer, just that it’s far from proven. Doesn’t seem too risky to try it in non-structural parts of the ship.
  6. Interception at Sea

    It hasn't been revealed who anyone is...
  7. WI battlecruiser HMS Tiger gets a refit v2 - The Tiger goes south

    Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of any sources that cover the process of armour/turret/gun construction? I often see them referred to as construction bottlenecks but have never found even a vague description or explanation of the building process.
  8. Proper magazine handling practices used by the RN at Jutland

    Unless they sustained dramatic additional damage beyond the loss of a turret or turrets, one assumes they would remain in the battle as did H.M.S. Lion in similar circumstances.
  9. Possible rn carrier battle group ww2

    Theoretically yes, but it depends on your attachment to real life events and POD. I can't comment on the dispositions of the other ships (can consult Roskill later) but IRL your window to include HNS Courageous is pretty limited given her sinking on 17/09/39.