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  • Robolo42


  • Is your work in Early Return abandoned or is it just the current crisis. I ask this because it has to be one of the best AU I have ever read. You can take that as bias, but to my knowledge, you are one of the few who use the Lucrehulks like they were meant to be used, by rebels.
    If it is abandoned though, then I thank you for the journey that you left.
    You write good haha brrrrrrrrr.
  • Wind Sage

  • So... hey. haven't done a profle post yet so don't know if breaking any etiquette.
    but anyway I have to say I loved that mystery you set up with the multi crossover hodgepodge floating city of fun and hilarity.
    the DUmbledroe is an epic champion, mixed with the knowledge of hey these be some deep waters and ALL the funs!
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