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  1. A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    Sorry if I've missed something; are Polish forces going to try and kick the Soviets out or is that accepted as hopeless?
  2. Star Wars: TV Series Cast List

    In all fairness it would have been largely unknown actors with a few exceptions. Most likely less notable ones than the films had, at least to start with. It's possible that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher would have still been cast Also, are you suggesting that it would start with the prequel...
  3. In Perpetuity: The War for Hong Kong

    The UK is largely limited to submarine warfare, blockading Chinese access to the south China sea and cruise missile attacks. Combined with European sanctions it might just be enough, although it's equally likely that China manages to weather the storm long enough that the UK backs down for...
  4. In Perpetuity: The War for Hong Kong

    It is my understanding that whilst a majority of the population of Taiwan would have said they were in favour of maintaining the status quo until a way to resolve the issue could be found when asked to chose between union with the PRC and independence the latter option wins out easily...
  5. In Perpetuity: The War for Hong Kong

    Actually there were a number of sanctions imposed many of which continue to this day.
  6. In Perpetuity: The War for Hong Kong

    I really, really, don't think that way. I actually believe that the Communist Party would legitimately win if there were free and fair elections in the PRC. There is nevertheless a strong Taiwan independence/nationalism movement for a range of reasons, some related to the PRC and it's...
  7. In Perpetuity: The War for Hong Kong

    It's not exactly an unheard off suggestion. Indeed in the time-frame of this conflict the President of the Republic of China government is a man who strongly supports the idea. It's not hard to imagine that the UK could point out that there is unlikely to ever be a better time to take such an...
  8. In Perpetuity: The War for Hong Kong

    Barring butterflies Lee Teng-hui would be President of the Republic of China. It's not difficult to imagine that a situation whereby China is already distracted by a large conflict against a foe with a vastly superior Navy that a pro-independence government might be tempted to take the opportunity.
  9. In Perpetuity: The War for Hong Kong

    You've not read the rest of the thread have you? This is now set in 1997, not 1984. The MoD has had 13 years to prepare for the exact situation now described in the story.
  10. In Perpetuity: The War for Hong Kong

    Surely the UK would have been preparing war plans for this exact scenario for quite some time? I assume there will be lots of torpedoing of PLAN ships and cruise missileing of PLA infrastructure? One of the best things the UK could do is try to get Taiwan to declare independence. The...
  11. DBWI: Tory victory in 2010

    Brown was seen as a liability. I'm guessing that the idea is Brown resigns and Miliband (I'd hope Ed) wins the leadership. This manages to give Labour enough of a boost to make a coalition with the Lib Dems viable.
  12. DBWI: Ocarina of Time Made?

    I would hope so. There is clearly a strong fanbase for fantasy themed adventure games that Nintendo needs to cater to. If it weren't for Kid Icarus being reserected to fit that theme but with slightly more Metroid like gameplay I think they would have been forced to continue making Zelda games.
  13. DBWI: Ocarina of Time Made?

    The Zelda series is the most painfully underutilized one Nintendo has. Virtually every one has been a gem and yet it's been 10 years since a true one was released (the less said about Hero's Fate the better). In comparison to Metroid which has had what, 13(?), stellar games since 64 its a...
  14. The Falcon Cannot Hear: The Second American Civil War 1937-1944

    Could you miss use the term more? Seriously; 'ASB' means so implausible as to be effectively impossible (if not absolutely). It does *not* mean 'unlikely'.
  15. DBWI: Interventionist USA after WWII

    Indeed; as even the Russians would ultimately prove. Maybe with the USA as a visible external threat the USSR could have lasted past the '60s?