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  1. How much of our modern consensus of the inevitability of Allied victory in WWII is due to information after the fact?

    One way to answer might be looking at books and magazines of the time, when does the press go from talking about the outcome being in doubt to victory is assured?
  2. When you Wish Upon a Frog (Book II of the Jim Henson at Disney saga)

    Do their characters fight like that in the movie? Would it be possible for puppet wrangler to become its own union, or is it better to join an established one even if they don't exactly fit?
  3. AHC: Earlier Successful Women's Rights Movements

    How did cultures with poor treatment of women but powerful and important goddesses justify it? Mostly I'm thinking Greece and Athena, but I'm sure other existed.
  4. WI: France Assimilates North Africa

    We should consider more than just numbers, what are the Ottomans or the British going to think of this? Would Britain consider France trying to dominate North Africa as a threat to Egypt and the Suez?
  5. Hensonverse Speculation and Commentary

    That image. I wonder if a horror, or at least darker, version of Narnia could be possible?
  6. more concentrated luftwaffe bombing during the blitz

    Why was nobody's military trying to answer those questions?
  7. Regularly Scheduled US Constitutional Review

    At what point will people realize just hoping not to have political parties won't work? Banning them has First Amendment problems, so how could they be worked into the government? As the federal government gets more power could a convention move the VP from voting on just ties to voting on all...
  8. Rome survives like China

    Really, weren't they bad at naval stuff compared to Carthage? Why did they expand so much inland instead of sticking to the coasts?
  9. Regularly Scheduled US Constitutional Review

    What happens to states that don't ratify? Do we effectively have legal secession with states able to choose to stay or go every twenty years? Will some future Constitution bring back the open invitation for Canada to join, or extend the offer to anyone else?
  10. When you Wish Upon a Frog (Book II of the Jim Henson at Disney saga)

    Did Peter ever have spider communication powers? Maybe she's some kind of spider advisor.
  11. Something Serious Has Happened on Air Force One (a Tl/story by Geon)

    Do they have evidence of a conspiracy, or do they plan to drop the charge if they can't find one?
  12. The US Acts against Mexico after the Zimmerman Telegram

    How will the British react? They were trying to get the U.S. into the European war, instead the Americans are getting ready for a war with Mexico.
  13. The Stomach of Man Under Socialism: A Culinary History of Socialist America

    Are Americans getting frozen food to take home to eat, or are meals still communal?
  14. Something Serious Has Happened on Air Force One (a Tl/story by Geon)

    With the troubles expected by a delayed Civil Rights Act would it help if the lottery was played with to make sure lots of Southern white boys suddenly get a trip to Vietnam? You've got a risk it brings them back as trained soldiers, but it might either broaden their horizons or be a one-way trip.
  15. "To Introduce our Guest Star, that's What I'm Here to Do..." The Hensonverse Fan Contribution Thread

    That's a lot of people for one team, I think one critic complaint might be an overstuffed cast.