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  1. Q: Would the CP have considered an eventual attempt of invasion of the UK if France would have quickly fallen in 1914?

    I fully agree that the absence of a POD does not allow greater conclusions to be drawn. For example, the BEF in 1914 had at least 10 Irish battalions, so there is a possibility that in addition to the Finnish Jägers, there will be Irish Jägers at some point.
  2. Q: Would the CP have considered an eventual attempt of invasion of the UK if France would have quickly fallen in 1914?

    My statements were generalizations and supporting Irish is more probable than any kind of invasion. I may grossly overestimate the strength of revolutionary movement, but it is enough if the Irish are a problem for the British, every British soldier away from Mesopotamia or another battlefield...
  3. Q: Would the CP have considered an eventual attempt of invasion of the UK if France would have quickly fallen in 1914?

    Why to invade, when you can deliver weapons to the Irish and Irishmen are going to do the fighting for you. The invasion of UK is not going to be a large scale thing, there is no need, but German troops on Ireland are always a possibility.
  4. WW1 italy invades France

    In some aspects You both are in right. In military matters it possible to distinguish between Navy and Army. After 1871 the Navy was matter of Germany, mostly because city states of Hamburg and Bremen. Army was mixed bag in three ways: 1) There was German Army (Deutsches Heer), what was based...
  5. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    Dueling did survive into 20th century. One of the last members of German high nobility killed in a duel, was Karl Borwin zu Mecklenburg (1888-1908), whose 64th anniversary of death is in this timeline in 11 days, exactly August 24, 1972.
  6. AHC: The 27 Club Test - If They Died at 27

    Kris Kristofferson would be just a U.S. Army officer, who died in Germany in 1963/64, but with Rhodes scholarship and Oxford's degree, he would rather be remembered as someone who did not reach the full implementation of his professional talent (in OTL there were plans to make him West Point...
  7. Automotive history: WI Volkswagen never survived WWII

    The later is generally more possible, Soviets tried to move the border some kilometers in western direction (Wolfsburg lies about 8 kilometrs from zone border), to get access to it. There were rumors in 1980s USSR, that they wanted in mid 1940-s to do with Volkswagen the same as they did with...
  8. An EU without Germany

    When it is about united Germany, then German unifiaction under the condition, that united Germany is not a part of any trade block not now and not in the future. It is possible, that Americans and Soviets are going to co-operate on this issue, because both could view European economical block...
  9. Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?

    I did a serch in the scribblemaps using the id in the link as searchword and did get the link to map as the result of search
  10. How long can Mir last?

    In the second half of the 1990-s (ie before the launch of ISS in November 1998), there were the Russian proposals to use Mir as core of the joint space station. The last new module for Mir was launched in April 1996. Russian hardware is Soviet hardware, maybe old, but deadly problems were...
  11. Hilarious Ways for Hitler to Die - Redux

    There is a possible way for Hitler do die by his own architecture. According to Speer, Berghoff had a terrible design flaw, that applies in modern times, in the 19th century Berghoff would have been an ideal home. Specifically on the floor or two below and with right angle to the left side of...
  12. JFK killed in 1960 instead of 1964

    Hard to tell, is totally possible, that it does not go so hot as OTL, but even with OTL final result under other president can mean, that president looks weak. The Americans tend to think, that Kennedy won OTL crisis, bit in reality Nikita Khrushchev did get the result, he really needed and...
  13. Why has the Korean War become so forgotten?

    Up to 1970-s the North had better living standard, than South.
  14. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    I know too , that simplest solution against most drawbacks with front wheel drive is FF with traverse engine - the Issigonis concept - I have no idea, if is this radical idea developed in this timeline. But when a car maker must choose between FF and MF with longitudial engines, then MF has two...
  15. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    Mid engine means Engine somewhere behind Front wheels and front of the rear wheels, the engine can be front of the driver and passengers.,_front-wheel-drive_layout Seems, that Renault 5 in OTL had this scheme.