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  1. The Death of Russia - TL

    This is good strategic thinking for Vladivostok. South Korea cannot say no to this deal and will immediately park a load of troops there. If Pyongyang wants to try another attack on the FEK they have to go through the South Korean forces. Setting off that tripwire means that North Korea has to...
  2. The Death of Russia - TL

    Where have the 101st Airborne flown in from? It's a long way to Grozny from Turkey for fully loaded helicopters and you'd have to avoid the mountains. They'd need an airfield for reinforcements and resupply too.
  3. The Magic Never Ends - An Alton Towers TL

    Really? From putting in the planning application in November to having restored a Grade 2 listed derelict building and fitted it out in March? And installing complicated hand crafted roof supports that meet both structural and English Heritage approval...? You might want to add at least a year...
  4. The Death of Russia - TL

    Can it be long till the NSF start selling off the Faberge eggs and other artworks from Petrograd in exchange for food and weapons? Or would they rather see their people starve than lose the crown jewels of Russian craftmanship?
  5. The Magic Never Ends - An Alton Towers TL

    Very good and well researched story. You know your stuff - you must be a Coaster Geek! I did my time at the Eye and the 2006-2010 period was a time of cutbacks and penny pinching. The fun started to fade out around that time with all the corporate changes and micro management.
  6. Alt-History Aftermath Scenarios Implied by Media

    When Yellowstone erupts and engulfs the world in a long dark winter... you get Darkest Days by Stanley Gallon Being a US writer he only writes about the USA. Doesn't even mention Canada or Mexico. And the political stuff is bonkers although I can think of one recent US President who might go...
  7. WI: Railroads Break the Color Line in 1948?

    Now there's a slice of history I hadn't heard before. Eldrewey Stearns should be better known about. He doesn't even have a Wikipedia entry. Sadly he was lost to mental illness and confined to a hospital...
  8. Street Cars, Interurbans & Passenger Trains at any cost

    Design the new suburbs to be served by a network of streetcars, a stop or station in every neighbourhood. Build the grocery stores, doctors, dentists and schools near those. Insist that town planners build in corridors for the rail tracks or for separate bus routes. The British method is that...
  9. The Death of Russia - TL

    There's one bright spot in all this... It stops production of Police Academy 7: Mission To Moscow. :extremelyhappy:
  10. Military equipment during a continuous Cold War

    There was a lot of talk about the many variants of the V-22 Osprey that could be. Mostly a sales pitch by Bell-Boeing but they included: EV-22 AEW version, often seen with Royal Navy markings. HV-22 US Coast Guard search and rescue SV-22 US Navy anti-submarine platform VV-22 Marine One VIP...
  11. Military equipment during a continuous Cold War

    RAH-66 Comanche. Could have replaced AH-1, OH-6 Cayuse and OH-58 Kiowa in one package. Possibly the AH-64 eventually with loss of stealth features.
  12. The Austin 7 Utility.

    A outside runner here: Bring back the Dixi DA1, aka the German Austin 7. After WW2 BMW were reduced to making pots, pans and motorbikes. As a means of getting Germany restarted the authorities give BMW license to build small work vehicles and practical motors. So they go back to their roots and...
  13. The Austin 7 Utility.

    Austin 7 pick-ups were around before the war for the farmer and light haulage market. These had small wooden boxes in various sizes and shapes on the rear. A lighter option would be to add a pair of aluminium poles over the back and a canvas cover in the style of larger army trucks and the...
  14. Something Serious Has Happened on Air Force One (a Tl/story by Geon)

    Now, I may have skimmed part of the story along the way but the numbers don't add up here. 10 officers remain behind bars but only 6 are still on the hook?
  15. Far More Westward: What if America's western frontier is all the way to Ural?

    Would the fear of the US hold Japan back or would they strike north and create a different Battle of Khalkin Gol? Might be a very different Day of Infamy....