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  1. What is the most dystopian AH work ever created?

    Okay, that really is something. Probably will have to see that myself, just out of morbid curiosity. Of course there are the occasional screw-ups in it as well -- my personal favourite is Vande Lanotte being a general of the Belgian Army in 1970.
  2. Alternate history newspaper pages?

    Yea, are there any of those in any thread here? I would be willing to listen to some advice on what websites and/or software I should use if I ever wanted to whip up a Truman Defeats Dewey or whatever have you. I did do this front page of a fictional British newspaper from 1879 on ARTHR...
  3. Challenge: atleast one german state keeps their monarchy

    Hamengkubuwono IX of Surakarta retained his throne past 1945 due to his willingness to put himself behind the Indonesian independence movement and by immediately pledging allegiance to Sukarno and Hatta. If a German monarch was, for whatever reason, sympathetic to the revolution of November 1918...
  4. Alt-History Aftermath Scenarios Implied by Media

    Just found this article about the upcoming prequel that mentions a fairly significant refugee crisis as well.
  5. Photos from Featherston's Confederacy/ TL-191

    What are you trying to say?
  6. The Four Horsemen: the Nuclear Apocalypse of 1962

    Any Nazis or Fascists, original or belonging to the new generation, causing trouble in Europe?
  7. "Schwarz-Rot-Gold für immer" A victorious Weimar Republic

    I think that some of the German just being in plain English might improve textual cohesion -- of course some terms will not have a one-on-one translation (e.g. Reichspräsident), but something like Außenminister not being translated doesn't really make sense to me. I personally do have a decent...
  8. TL 191 HOI4 Mod Update and Discussion Thread

    Note that I meant his predecessor.
  9. TL 191 HOI4 Mod Update and Discussion Thread

    Just to clarify, is Pedro III supposed to be Prince Luis or his older brother?
  10. DBWI: Remember Superman?

    No wonder no one remembers a character with a name as bland as that. Maybe it did fly back then, but now... just no.
  11. WI: The Hans von Seeckt coup is attempted?

    Seeckt himself was not quite prepared to lead a coup, although he certainly would have accepted a leading position, had it been offered to him somehow. I don't know enough about the inner workings of the German government at the time to say how that might have come to pass -- maybe if Ebert had...
  12. Alt-History Aftermath Scenarios Implied by Media

    Well Airman's Medal then.
  13. Alt-History Aftermath Scenarios Implied by Media

    I think he would be eligible for the Soldier's Medal (or equivalent, whatever his branch was) at least.
  14. Q: Could have the US accepted an exchange of population with Nazi Germany in order to avoid a possible genocide during WWII?

    For the last time, I was talking about the fucking Japanese-Americans @Anglocalvinist67 brought up, not German-Americans. We clear now?