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  • DeutscheBratwurst

  • Hello and good Day/Night (Whatever Timezone you are in) miketr.
    I would like to inquire about the status of your "The Kaiser's Paper Navie's" Timeline. As i am a major fan of that work and hope it is not dead or abandoned.
    Either way this is only a question no attempt to pressure you in doing anything.
    Have a good Day/Night
  • Petr K.

    Petr K.

  • Dear Mister
    I would like to kindly ask you if you are planning to continue with your story Diesel Kriegsmarine. It is an excellent and very enjoyable work of art. Even though the last update was published almost a year ago I hope you might continue. You yourself wrote that you will announce if there is no continuation. I am sorry if I missed the announcement.
    I thank you in advance for your answer,
    Petr K.
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    miketr 1
    @Petr K.

    Diesel Kriegsmarine is suspended for various reasons starting with it being a little too German Wank. I would like to go back to once I am finished with my 'Kaisers Paper Navies' story.

    Thank you for asking
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