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  1. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    Stalemated 68 as Wallace & Chandler, threw everything I could at Tennessee, but didn't take it losing by just 12, 339 votes to Nixon. but I did get 14% nationally. It was Nixon 264, Humphrey 229 & Wallace 45, but Humphrey won the popular vote with just under a million more popular votes. Nixon...
  2. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    Pick Chandler as running-mate, go anti-war as well.
  3. 2018 Presidential Election

    Thursday September 24th 2020 Wyoming Gubernatorial debate will take place without independent candidate Tomaricho The first debate in the Wyoming gubernatorial election will take place tonight in Cheyenne between the Republican incumbent Governor Simon Watts and his Democratic challenger Kate...
  4. 2018 Presidential Election

  5. 2018 Presidential Election

    A newly found picture of a retired President Owen Lassiter on his tour of American Battlefields. Here he is pictured on Hagushi beach on Okinawa Island in 2002.
  6. 2018 Presidential Election

    It exists that's all, it's the same for James Bond and Star Trek. We did cover Doctor Who, but it hurts my head just thinking about it. Just don't think about it to hard. Thanks for the kind words.
  7. 2018 Presidential Election

    Monday September 21st 2020 Ross: "No electoral pacts" & "no more blank cheques to the EU" Liberal Democrat Leader Logan Ross speaking to his party conference in his key note address in Brighton this afternoon ruled out any muted "electoral pact" with minor parties such as the Green Party, the...
  8. 2018 Presidential Election

    Monday September 14th 2020 NBS Election HQ: Senate ratings This is the first time we have rated the 33 Senate elections, plus the two special elections. Republican Alabama=Safe Alaska=Safe Georgia=Safe Idaho=Safe Kansas=Safe Kentucky= Safe (Gain-Open Seat) Kentucky=Safe (Special Election)...
  9. 2018 Presidential Election

    Monday September 14th 2020 NBS Election HQ: Gubernatorial ratings This is the first time we have rated the 21 gubernatorial races. Republican Alsaka=Safe Arkansas=Safe Idaho=Safe Kansas=Safe Maryland=Lean Missouri=Safe Nebraska=Safe North Dakota=Lean Texas=Lean Utah=Safe West Virginia=Lean...
  10. 2018 Presidential Election

    So submit it via the procedure @MountainDew17 has outlined above.
  11. 2018 Presidential Election

    I hope live coverage of some description, but that will be determined by my personal circumstances in November. I will let people know nearer the time.
  12. 2018 Presidential Election

    @MountainDew17 will be posting shortly full details of how to contribute now.
  13. 2018 Presidential Election

    Matthew thank you for your support, but I stand by the decision made by the moderator, and thank him for his swift intervention.
  14. 2018 Presidential Election

    and your point is? Because I am struggling to see one.
  15. 2018 Presidential Election

    I am sorry but that is wrong. I will answer your questions: In the near 12 years of this story over the course of two threads, I have never stopped people joining in and contributing that is after all how both @lord caedus and @MountainDew17 got involved in the story. I have only asked...