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  1. AHC: Make polyamory more popular

    How many people had syphilis back then? 25%?
  2. What are some alternate personal unions and how they could've happened?

    And when you have that, HRE is yours, and suddenly you have an empire from Pyrenees to Dniepr.
  3. AHC prevent the Second World War

    Disarm Germany Chop off all major industrial areas off it Create a strong occupation army that will be manned by soldiers coming from allied nations and funded from contributions collected by itself. Make
  4. What if Germany refuses to accept the Oder-Neisse line as a condition for reunification?

    The discussion is moot, because they wouldnt. Ever. The only way for them to get it back would be war. In which case they would be nuked to nonexistence. Or, if their nearer and farther neighbors feel especially forgiving, invaded, occupied for another century, permamently disarmed and...
  5. What if Germany refuses to accept the Oder-Neisse line as a condition for reunification?

    ??? If they didnt accept the border it would be the confirmation that Germany didnt change from 1945 with everything it entails, and if they ever try to act on it, Germans will go pick mushrooms.
  6. Map Thread XXI

    It's the good old hostility between Poland and Brandenburg and Teutonic Order, it had gone quiet when Poland became the big girl in the 'hood and whipped the latter's ass to the oblivion, but reactivated when after had lost her edge. In other words, it's about as old as Poland, and older than...
  7. Alternate anthems, honours music, etc.

    Add to that Gaude mater Polania, Rota and The First Brigade (two latter song were competing with Mazurek for the national anthem spot in 1927 alongside song named Chorał - although I've never heard about that one before)
  8. WI - Possible Post-War territorial gains for Poland

    I heard an anecdote that when polish communists asked Stalin that maybe he could give Poland the remaining piece of Pomerania and Rugen, he told them "after the next war".
  9. WI: Ferdinand unites Hungary early then defeats Suleiman in battle

    IIRC everyone around Louis did everything they could to ensure he was raised as an idiot
  10. Revisiting the Drowned Baby (Hitler) Timeline and its plausibility

    iirc it devolved, and all the nationalisties received self rule Is it that timeline where Poland nationalists/fascists are called brownshorts, because all the better parts of daily attire were already taken?
  11. Justinian manages to gain peaceful control over Italy

    They will overexpand and fall worse than otl
  12. Q: How would flintlock weapons work during a severe rain?

    Not sure if it is the right forum, but would the napoleonic period firearms (muskets, rfles, artillery) work during intensive rain? The same question about early caplock weapons?
  13. WI Poland is neutral in the Great Northern War

    Let's say that just at the beginning of the war, when Charles is spanking Denmark, August the Strong falls off his horse and breaks his neck, Poles elect another king, (perhaps prince Conti could be elected again) while Saxon soldiers are requested to leave the PLC's territory, and Charles XII...
  14. Partition of Germany if the soviets perform worse

    Because it was going to the Soviet camp which he saw as enemy