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    No Islam No Holy Roman Empire ?

    No Islam means a greatly strengthened Constantinople. Which means the Papacy doesn't need to go hunting for a new protector. So yeah, whatever the Franks wind up with does not get termed the Holy Roman Empire.
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    History Discussion: "You blew it! You had one job, and you blew it!" Moments in history

    Christianity wasn't destined to rule, not yet - Ambrose and Theodosius did that. But the military adventure was just daft.
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    What does Germanic paganism need to hold back Christianity?

    A fourth century POD: Julian the Apostate gets thirty years on the throne, enough time for his Reformed Paganism to bed in, or at least to survive his death. The classical world winds up with a Cold War of Christianity vs Classical Paganism, with neither being able to make a knock-out blow. By...
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    WI The dutch invasion fleet for glorious revolution is destroyed/scattered in a storm before it lands in England

    James takes it as a sign of Divine Providence in favour of his authority, and gets to work with a purge. Everyone else knuckles under, and when James gets around to calling the new Parliament, it's wall-to-wall Tories.
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    WI: Penal Laws not repealed?

    Irish revolts were a fact of life (last in 1798). This might well butterfly the 1832 Reform Act, since the opponents to Catholic Emancipation thought that Reform would enable them to rally Britain's Protestant majority against those pesky Catholics. And without 1832... 1848 just gets interesting.
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    Reigns of Charles I and James II if England's religious makeup more like that of Ireland

    The average person was just fine with Charles' Personal Rule (no Parliament = No taxes, and he kept the country out of the Thirty Years War). If you can stop Laud pushing the prayer book on Scotland, there's no reason he couldn't have kept the Personal Rule going indefinitely. The royal...
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    Which landslide loser had the best chance of winning their American presidential election?

    The formula for a Mondale win: - A delayed economic recovery. - A better running mate. - A better campaign (no tax raising comment, less focus on identity politics, and more New Deal 2.0). - Reagan screws up both the debates. (Also recall that 1980 was close up until that fateful debate. I...
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    AHC: With a POD in 476, have rome remain a large city

    Tinkering around with Justinian here is rearranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic. The economics of Rome (the city, not the Empire) just didn't stack up, and hadn't done so for a long, long time. To restore Rome to a large city, you need to get the trade networks back up in the West, with the...
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    Phocas rebellion against Maurice fails. What happens next?

    IIRC, Maurice wasn't broke, but was terrified of becoming so.
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    TL: King George IV

    BTW, in killing the Prince Regent, you've just killed the necktie in modern men's fashion.
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    Mary I Lives Longer, Still No Children

    From Elizabeth's viewpoint, Catholicism considers her a Bastard. And that's a really awkward thing to get around. Hence (soft) Protestantism.
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    If Reagan lost to a Democrat in 1980, would he try to run again in 1984?

    1980 was Reagan's shot. If he loses that, he's seen as too old and too extreme. If he loses to Carter, he's also seen as bungling against a vulnerable opponent (rather like Hillary Clinton in 2016).
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    Lord Of The Rings films made in the 70s?

    The Finns in 1993 had Gollum be played by the same actor who played Aragorn. It's actually pretty do-able, if you get the Serkis Gollum out of your head.
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    WI: The 1991 Soviet Coup D'état Succeed

    This is Russia. Public support never matters.