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  1. Map Thread XX

    It's a brilliant map. I suppose this means Edmonton is the capita of Odahi?
  2. Map Thread XX

    You could make each story have a ceiling tall enough that you can actually fit a New England small town main street in it, with all of its two-story shops and businesses. Maybe a creek and a covered bridge. It's a literal recreation. Each small town has a floor for a main street and maybe two...
  3. Map Thread XX

    I could definitely see non-token concessions by the US to Uruguay and Canada to keep additional non-Western Hemisphere countries out. But Russia, especially, will want something. It won't be in the Americas, but something somewhere will be negotiated. .
  4. Map Thread XX

    Really neat concept. But Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Japan, Canada, and all of Europe (among others) are going to lay claims to at least some of that untouched land. No one is going to let the US take everything down to the Amazon. Canada will definitely get some. Hell, Uruguay will get some...
  5. The Post-Apocalyptic Picture Thread

    After all the Despicable Me comments, I could have sworn that youtube video was titled "Abandoned NY: Bananaman Castle.” .
  6. Map Thread XX

    Even Old Nueva Sevilla was once New Copenhagen Why they changed it I can't say People just liked it better that way... .
  7. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    I'm pretty certain that's a map for the city building game Cities Skylines. So there's really no educational value about it. .
  8. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    Yeah. That was my first reaction too. .
  9. Map of the Fortnight: Main Discussion Thread

    Also, it's not always about the quality of the map. I've seen beautiful maps that don't win because it was the same map that the creator does over and over again and people get bored with it. I've seen beautiful maps not win because the premise for the map was just plain lazy. And very...
  10. Map Thread XX

    Really, Arial should have been Denmark. Because just a change of just one letter makes it part of their world. .
  11. Alternate Electoral Maps III

    Heh. You should give them the number of electoral votes they had when Doctor Who premiered in that state. :) .
  12. Map Thread XX

    If love it if Lithium and Lithuania came from the same root word. .
  13. 1000 Congressional Districts

    Illinois looks weird when the Chicago districts aren't gerrymandered to hell and back. .
  14. Great Lakes Earth

    It kind of looks like Greenland, but moved up to the pole and distorted because of it. .
  15. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    This is really just a typo map. So many corporate maps are just clip art that someone from the graphics design department can click on a country, change its color, and move it around. In this map, that specific someone likely clicked on Spain and Portugal (and I'm guessing the Low Countries...