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  1. Map Thread XXI

    ...or Communist marijuana. 🙂
  2. Map Thread XXI

    Nah, Wisconsin is truly split right down the middle. The closer you get to Lake Michigan, the more likely you say "soda." My hometown is right near that tipping point and about half the people say soda, while the other half say pop. And many say "soda pop" so as just not to choose sides. But...
  3. Map Thread XXI

    It's very hard to read the city names placed in the ocean. Black on very dark grey.
  4. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    More like "Where are the American East Coast cities located?" Boston, RI New York, NJ Philadelphia, DE Baltimore, NC Charlotte, SC And don't forget to visit the sunny beaches of coastal Orlando!
  5. Map Thread XXI

    Minor quibble... 1790 is not a leap year.
  6. Map Thread XXI

    See, I really like the concept for your series, but once again the original ISOT boundaries really bother me. If Hudson Bay is part of the Arctic (and I think it should), it's going to get parts of North Dakota and Minnesota as well as almost all of the Prairie Provinces. And if it's not...
  7. Return of Horrible Educational Maps

    It's not West Iraq; it's East Jordan. 🙂
  8. Map Thread XXI

    If you're going strictly by the continental divides, Denver would be in the Atlantic part. It drains via the Platte>Missouri>Mississippi into the Gulf of Mexico.
  9. Map Thread XXI

    So continental divides are the boundaries. What happens for those areas that don't drain to an ocean? Is that a separate ISOT all by itself?
  10. Sacred Fire of Liberty - the story of these United States

    What's going on with Nova Scotia and Long Island? They're both colored in, but non-labeled.
  11. Alternate Electoral Maps III

    I think you mean Gary Johnson?
  12. Alternate Electoral Maps III

    Lafollette in 1924 should be interesting too. Maybe him vs TR 1912, or him vs Taft 1912.
  13. Alternate Electoral Maps III

    Is it coincidental that Perot and Wallace were the next two lowest vote totals? Or were you just comparing the highest two third parties?
  14. Map Thread XXI

    I'm assuming brown in North America is Danish, but what is the gold color in interior New England?
  15. Map Thread XXI

    Good looking graphic, except I have two critiques... 1) I like the projections of the small inset maps better than the two larger ones. (Are they polar projections?) Because sticking the two far ends of a prime meridian centered map together always looks inadequate. There are Pacific Ocean...