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  1. The Internet Wars TL

    Just saw this TL at the #2 of Hacker news :)
  2. Russia guarantees Yugoslavia/Serbia in the 1990ies "There are some reports that Ukraine had established effective custody, but not operational control, of the cruise missiles and gravity bombs.... By early 1994 the only barrier to Ukraine's ability...
  3. Russia guarantees Yugoslavia/Serbia in the 1990ies 1994, apparently.
  4. The most optimal borders for Europe

    I think I've previously written that somewhere else but, basically, Ottomans (as a constitutional monarchy) controlling Balkans up to something like their 1815 boundaries, but nothing else (nothing outside Europe). Think a mega-Yugoslavia but with even more nationalities without anybody really...
  5. AHC: 'Taiwan' your country

    What about the government not owning Cyprus, fleeing first to Istanbul. Then getting kicked up from that as well, setting up shop in, wait for it, Buyukada of all places. Although they wouldn't last long, "The Republic of the Princes' Islands" would be a very interesting historic accident.
  6. AHC: 'Taiwan' your country

    Putschists in 1960 ('%C3%A9tat) already had contingency plans in case they fail (to seize the European part and set up a government here). Seeing how the coup was fairly pro-American and Menderes was cozying up to the Soviets it's not too hard to...
  7. No 1918 Armistice, could France keep fighting?

    Not for a long time. Longer than Germans.
  8. Would you have lasted in 1983?

    I wasn't born then, but I think both of my parents survive the initial blasts (based on where they are, mom's in university in middle of nowhere in Turkey while dad is in a strategically unimportant military thingy in the middle of nowhere in Turkey), but my dad is conscripted at the time and I...
  9. An Eternal New Deal: A 1948 Election TL

    With the stuff going on in France, I'd guess communists get much more electorally popular elsewhere in Europe. You can have them cause significantly more havoc in Greece or have the coalition in Italy collapse. If Hungarian Revolution of OTL still happens, that might be interesting, what with...
  10. The Four-Day War TL: Israel Wins YKW

    Minor nitpick: Levantine war begins with a Kurdish uprising in Syria/Iraq in September 14, 1980. A military coup d'etat occured in Turkey OTL in September 12, 1980. If that still happens TTL, there's just no way that a Kurdish uprising doesn't spill to Turkey.
  11. Pol Pot like terror in Europe

    Possibly Enver Hoxha being even more oppressive? Or Ceausescu surviving 1989? I was thinking about somewhere in the Balkans getting a tinpot dictator in the 90s, but that will probably end very quickly (Though it's not like Pol Pot lasted very long in Cambodia).
  12. Your Ideal European Borders?

    Well, the Ottoman-controlled Balkans isn't meant to be a final solution (By the way, it's not like Turks would be a really small minority in that union, European Turkey's population is comparable to the entirety of Greece) It's more or less "Balkans fucked up bigtime OTL" and giving them a blank...
  13. Your Ideal European Borders?

    * To fix the Balkan mess; Ottoman Empire controls Balkans up to their 1699 frontiers (plus maybe Cyprus). * An independent Republic of Turkey exists in Anatolia, though. * Independent Eastern Prussia exists (similar to 1939 shape of it). * Rest of Europe continues to exist, as is the European...
  14. WI American slaveholders try a coup instead of secession

    Well, the scenario I was talking about basically involved seizing the minimal federal government, basically leading to an OTL-ish civil war but with the south having a head start Well, the brits came close to recognizing the confederates OTL, so when the question is recognizing one of the two...
  15. WI American slaveholders try a coup instead of secession

    Maybe a semi-failed coup that ends with a divided US? Essentially have the army seize the federal government, the southern states recognize it (The political climate is different enough that southerners support a coup), northerners don't. Northern states set up a rival government. The newly...