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  1. 28 Days Later - Death of a Nation

  2. Photos from Alternate Worlds II (read FAQ first)

    Based on V for Vendetta ……….. The Black Watch, a Scottish regiment of the British Army recently returned from Iraq, which declared its support for the newly proclaimed Scottish Republic - photo was taken just before the Battle of Gretna shortly after High Chancellor Sutlers announcement of a...
  3. 28 Days Later - Death of a Nation

    I'll need to go back and have a look. It's been a while since I wrote that part. I might eventually do a rewrite/reboot of it at some point. Some of this was written when my knowledge of various political/geopolitical issues wasn't as good as it is today.
  4. 28 Days Later - Death of a Nation

    I'm not sure. I may add the occasional updates every so often but by and large the main story is complete
  5. Photos from World War Z

    British Army administers Solanum Rapid Reaction Tests at a checkpoint near the Antonine Defence Line outside Falkirk, Scotland Greater Manchester Police prepare to deal with looters at a food distribution centre during the Great Panic Flagship of the Ukrainian Navy evacuates civilians to...
  6. Photos from Alternate Worlds II (read FAQ first)

    There was one written but I can't find it anymore. It was pretty detailed im sure it was written by jimmygreen2002 but he's deleted his account.
  7. 28 Days Later - Death of a Nation

    I'd maybe have done some things a bit differently. Rather than sticking strictly to the canon as I have here I may have veered off a bit. I'd likely have far more of Britain survive than what managed to survive in this tl. I always found it a bit implausible that Rage could have made it as far...
  8. 28 Days Later - Death of a Nation

    I've always thought the virus would have been contained by the British authorities if it had really happened. Obviously Cambridge wouldn't stand a chance and I imagine London would be hit quickly by infected moving down the M11, but once it reached more rural areas like the Lake District and...
  9. 28 Days Later - Death of a Nation
    Threadmarks: Ten Years Later

    AN: I've just realised that i started this story ten years ago this month, so in honour of that I think it deserves a little update. ................ From the writings of Dr James Hampton - Professor of History at Cambridge University - Project Lead of the National Historical Reclamation...
  10. A More Successful Scottish Socialist Party and other related ideas?

    Tommy Sheridan not having his mad shagging parties would help. The big question is to how the SSP would do going into the post referendum Scotland with Sheridan not being seen as a "swinger". Could they (as a left wing AND pro independence party) have taken over unionist Labours place by taking...
  11. Photos from World War Z

    Public Notice Poster on a bus stop in Glasgow, Scotland posted shortly after the Public Health Emergency declaration.