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  1. WI Nazis overthrown from within ?

    You could see the Swedes come in if the Germans retreat out of Norway and Finland. I cannot see them giving up Denmark like the other countries just because it helps stop up the Baltic. You would see Turkey and Spain also look at getting involved just to be sure they get some help post war.
  2. Patton in Korea/MacArthur in the White House

    If you need a Cabinet level post that is basically a do nothing post but still keeps someone close, use the Postmaster General. It was used to reward Party members who were important and acted as advisors without being saddled with other things. At this time the USPO basically ran itself and...
  3. AHTL: British Carrier Strike

    yes if they could get enough to heat up an area of the Bunker C long enough for it to ignite. The main problem if being accurate enough to hit the tank itself with the thermite to melt a hole in it and to keep the thermite reaction going long enough to melt enough to ignite. Once the tank...
  4. Other possible Nuke sites in Japan in case they still didnt surrender after the second nuke?

    Kokura Arsenal was the primary target for the 2nd bomb. It did not meet minimums for attack so they diverted to the secondary Nagasaki and almost didn't bomb that one because of the conditions.
  5. AHTL: British Carrier Strike

    When dealing with Bunker C, think of it as asphalt and not oil . I posted a video earlier of Bunker C that was fresh out of the cracking stage at a refinery for testing that didnt have a chance to setup yet. This is what is left over from the distilling ( cracking ) process to make other...
  6. AHTL: British Carrier Strike

    yes just identify the correct tanks and hit them. Combo of HE and incendiary bombs work best on POL, HE is good but add the incendiary and you have an almost 100 percent chance of it burning.
  7. AHTL: British Carrier Strike

    you can hit them, just opening them up will be bad if they are heated up and it flows out. The problem is if its not heated you don't do much damage other than make holes that have to be patched up. Ideally you can identify the AVGAS, diesel, and MOGAS tanks to hit. Hitting them hurts...
  8. AHTL: British Carrier Strike

    no, you need to melt the Bunker C a bit to ignite it. It normally has a consistency of asphalt unless you heat it up and will not ignite unless you melt it. Most storage uses steam lines in the tanks, on board ship, locomotive, or furnace use, to heat it enough to even get it to flow in the...
  9. AHTL: British Carrier Strike

    dropping a bomb on it wont start Bunker C on fire. You would need to get a fire going from some other source that actually melts the Bunker C enough to make it burn. WP or other incendiery or even a flare without a parachute would get it started enough, hopefully. Ideally you get some...
  10. Rare earth metals in 70s and 80s

    at one time the Climax mine in Colorado that was above 11,000 ft. was producing 3/4th of all the worlds Molybdenum . Because of prices being low it was closed in 1995 and reopened when prices came back up in 2012. This is also litterally on the Continental Divide.
  11. Fact Check Article: Prototype Nazi Nuclear Bombers Were Within a Few Months of Hitting New York

    Secret base in Antarctica or the moon? LOL. The Nazi's did not have the amount of fissile material available to make even a simple gun bomb at anytime during the war. They were so fixated on Heavy Water reactions that even then they were lacking material to make anything other than a small...
  12. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    Sounds like the local commander is more a political appointment than military here and does not realize how much his superiors and government want to keep the Germans happy. Lots of Hearts and Minds projects could be used here to help them improve relations.
  13. Earlier use of Tall Boys

    If they really wanted to use them to help D Day, they need to attack the RR lines and bridges leading to Normandy. Tall Boys would do a good job on the marshalling yards and the bridges leading to the area. Even as far away as the Ruhr region this would help disrupt the flow of supplies to...
  14. WW2 Technology WI: Airborne Divisions Create "Drop Pods"?

    This is the follow on to the WW 2 glider program. The Chase XG 20 developed in 1950. Basically they put engines on it and voila, the C 123 was born and that was a real successful aircraft. Unlike the Germans and the Me 323 this actually worked...