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  1. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    As long as Max Hoffman is in the east, and he was one of the staff officers specifically that knew the Russians, it should still be the same.
  2. The Rainbow. A World War One on Canada's West Coast Timeline

    At this stage of the technology the VTE is mature and the steam turbine is on the way to being. Most ships the size of the Leipzig or bigger would have the necessary machine shop, foundry, and materials to be able to fix and even do a overhaul of most if not all parts of the VTE's. Steam...
  3. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    And Tilo Schultz hath brought forth the modern German Marine Corp, with the approval of Chesty Puller himself, and set it loose upon the world.
  4. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    If the Germans, and the Grand Admiral himself would approve, bury an empty coffin with a note saying along the lines of “Elvis has left the building” and have people report seeing him around the world. Imagine the hilarity that the Abwer will have.
  5. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    I seen what you did there Fester, Doing a shout out to Peabody Martini.
  6. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    They show their intelligence here. They involve not only the Colonel but also the RSM, they know who has the real power.
  7. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    What about taking a trip into Russia and using the Volga Baltic waterway? Visit Gia and maybe let her and her little one take a trip with her. Ben could visit some of the...
  8. US uses nukes to defend Taiwan in 1958

    Pretty much any crisis after Korea had a classified component that included the use of nuclear weapons in it. IIRC there was even some that involved using them in Vietnam to help the French against the Viet Minh. This is pretty much the same as the 1920's and 30's having plans to help...
  9. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    If they have a LPD or LSD heading out to the PacFleet load the Meta on board and fly out when it gets to Japan or the German Pacific Islands. Then have a cruise so the little one can meet the cousins in Japan or cruise the islands where they love Kiki and would want to meet the little one also.
  10. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    Has Tilo had a chance to have a talk with Suse? With her out of the box thinking and Tilo’s thinking, who knows what might happen.
  11. USAAC/AAF what-ifs for 1937-42

    Have the people at the Guggenheim Aeronautical Lab at Cal Tech start JPL earlier and work get a better JATO engine going earlier and work on a rocket motor to propel weapons.
  12. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    I don't remember if Adm. Byrd is around now but if he was, that would mean the Navy would have the lead on an Antarctic or Arctic base that would need to have a person of a certain rank to handle staff duties like counting items in the property book and making sure that outlying stations had...
  13. What if Blackjack Pershing doesn’t rise to General?

    Funston was in charge of the Punitive expedition that took Vera Cruz in 1914 and was in command of the Southern Dept. of the Army, he would be a little high in rank as the on the ground commander but could be incharge of the overall 1916 intervention.
  14. What if Blackjack Pershing doesn’t rise to General?

    General Funston was the person picked to command the AEF. The only reason Pershing got the job was the fact that Funston died before taking the job.
  15. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    Is Kiki still part of the long term psych study? IIRC Dr. Holtz was leading a study on PTSD and Dr. Berg will be looking after Kiki with Dr. Holtz on call.