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  • Mitridates the Great

    Mitridates the Great

  • Precious cat, is yours?
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  • Hello Jim.

    About the latest update. I don't think Patreon advertising is allowed in threads. Perhaps, you should DM the Mods to see if it's okay before someone press report. Patreon ads are only allowed in Signature. At least, that's what I know. Maybe the policy changed.

    Peace out.
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    Hawabin 2
    Patreon advertising isn't allowed in Fandoms I think because in Fandom you are working in a sandbox that belongs to someone else.

    AH isn't someone else's sandbox so they are considered orginal works and thus patreon is allowed for them.

    At least that is how I understand it.
  • Chocolate Raines

    Chocolate Raines

  • Hey I know you liked Nascar in the past and have looked and liked my Nascar timeline. Well now it's nominated for a Turtledove. I would appreciate it if you voted for it here. Thank you.
  • johnreiter

  • I recently discovered your "minor leagues" version of For All The Marbles, and I absolutely loved it. I even copied over the lists for all five players on my computer, and filled in the blank spots. Did you ever think about making it a story, or better yet, a game? If you could find five people, one to play each country, each person could post a chapter for what their characters were doing.
  • terv

  • is rise of the eagle a new timeline or redo of the new balance
    Jim Smitty
    Jim Smitty
    A new TL That has been in the works for a few months now. Its still going to be a while before it gets posted
  • Catdaddyjack

  • Hiya! I just finished reading Project Fail Safe V2.0 and it just...ends. Did you continue it somewhere else? It was great reading for the most part. To just have it end with the French defeat at Metz was disappointing, to say the least. In any case, thank you for all the work you did on it.
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    Jim Smitty
    Jim Smitty 1
    Project Fail Safe V2.0 is still a work in progress at the moment. I try to update at least once a week, if not twice a week. On vacation weeks such as I have just started more updates will happen. It is by no means dead.
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