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  • Hi there. Love your ideas on American Magic for a Haunted Mansion-esc ride. I forget, does the Haunted Mansion even exist at all ITTL?
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    Good idea. Do you think they could get away With all the blood though? Italy really goes more for gore horror. I've also added some suggestions for a new direction for the Bond franchise in the thread as well if you're interested in that read.
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    Even without the gore, the surreal atmosphere of an Argento film would be enough to make it scary. Even with them leaning towards scarier haunted attractions like the Ghost Ship, it's still being built in a family amusement park. Maybe Disney's competitors would feel free to cut loose with how scary their attractions are. Whoever builds in Britain should have a haunted house starring Jack the Ripper.
    I agree with ya. By the way, I've been looking forward to the next updates in the CN and Nick department. I'm expecting Both to receive new shows in the next update about them and it got me thinking. The ITTL Nick is going to make the Nick studios at Universal a VERY different place. I actually see the Eds and the Recess gang getting their own attractions.
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