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    Soviet Union has collapsed in early 1970s due to stagnated economy

    Nixon may well ride out Watergate if he not only made peace with China but oversaw, as it would appear, the collapse of the USSR Would the oil crisis even happen?
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    Richard, King of Jerusalem

    Historically, he did pretty well in the Levant. As king, he would have an advantage that he never had as a joint crusader leader
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    Most Ironic moments in History (Pre-1900)

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    Richard, King of Jerusalem

    Well, I guess if we allow female or female line succession, but other than Matilda that has no great precedent in England at this time. It seems not at all without the bounds of possibility that the England and Breton lines might die out in the male line, and the Jerusalem line ( as long as we...
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    Richard, King of Jerusalem

    Imagine Jerusalem inheriting England down the line!
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    WI: Napoleon marries his sister Pauline

    Presumably this requires a change of religion, whether to Islam or some new amalgam he creates. He can't do it as a Catholic, but assuming that this is not the point, then the question really is HOW to make this plausible. As you say, your premise is a new religion of the East, but after Acre...
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    Miscellaneous <1900 (Alternate) History Thread

    Given that the USA still has "Indian Territory" under its "protection" at some point, probably not far down the line, US settlers are going to move into there. Indian treaties were constantly abrogated, the government following where settlers went first. Spain having its own Indian Territory...
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    National service and pop music

    Well, their lives would have different trajectories so being together where they were in OTL to form a band is unlikely. Genius does shine through so a different, later, more varied forming of a group? John Lennon, Bill Wyman and A N Other
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    WI: Henry VI marries Isabella of Armagnac

    The one who married her brother?
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    Death of the Author (or not)

    Roger Zelazny, had acquired the height of his fame with the Shadows series, then died at only 58. He could have gone on and built on this to a whole new epic level
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    How Would Dukakis Or Hart Have Dealt With Saddam Hussein?

    Is the story not true that Saddam thought he could get away with invading Kuwait due to misreading inept US diplomatic communications?
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    Any good "No Indian Removal" TLs?

    A long time ago I did do something with a Cherokee state, but I can't even remember what it was and it probably came out of a longer timeline where that made sense at the time.
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    Supreme commander in Asia - with real authority

    IMHO this would be liking asking the USSR and the Western Allies to choose a unified Supreme Commander for the war against Germany
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    The United American Commonwealth?

    I'd be interested in what you mean? Do you mean a single entity rather than a federal union of states?