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  1. The Habsburg Queen of the Spanish Empire

    Considering the Habsburg mindset, he is the main choice (if he still exists in this TL). They would try everything to keep Spain and its territories with the family. It would be funny if this new Habsburg inbreeding would only delay in one or two generations the genetic bottleneck, so that when...
  2. King Theodore's Corsica

    Agreed! One of the most original ideas for a TL, covering a period not much explored. It's very good news!
  3. King Theodore's Corsica

    So, what's the next project after KTC? 😅
  4. WI Francis of Austria, son of Maximilian I and Mary of Burgundy, lives to adulthood?

    As says the title: WI Francis, the youngest son of Maximilian and Mary, who lived only little less then four months, had survived to adulthood? How could it affect Maximilian's plans for the marriages and alliances of the Habsburgs? Also, considering how odd was Mary's death, probably it would...
  5. Wi Auguste Comte dies in 1827, no positivism

    Something similar to Positivism was ought to be developed during the 19th century. You had several anticlerical, antimonarchical, rationalist, scientificist movements springing up in Europe during that age. In any society like Brazil or Mexico, where these ideas could be used as a rallying cry...
  6. Mary Tudor bears a son and lives till age 60

    Is it? The causes of the conflict (religious conflict, taxation, centralization of power) would still be there. By the time it started IOTL (1566) the son of Philip and Mary would be only around 11, and Philip would have no reason to really change his policies until then. A rebellion is still...
  7. Mary Tudor bears a son and lives till age 60

    So, with a living Mary married to Philip and a Prince of Wales born in 1555, who would inherit the Netherlands, how would go the Dutch Rebellion, if it still happens? Would the Protestants be even more persecuted? Also, I think that France would feel even more threatned, and try to help even...
  8. Mary Tudor bears a son and lives till age 60

    Well, we would have the first Philip in England then. Henry would probably be out of question given the association to her father - and Edward too, she certainly wouldn't want to remember her brother. Is Richard already a taboo by then? Otherwise, the only option left from past monarchs is William.
  9. Mary Tudor bears a son and lives till age 60

    I'm not so sure she would name her son as Henry, given how her father treated her and her mother. John probably would be an option (Charles too, honoring Charles V).
  10. WI Nero had died before Claudius?

    Calling the Roman experts here: if Nero had died before Claudius - maybe due to a disease or by accident, and around 40 AD, in order to not change too much the timeline - would the succession of Britannicus be uncontested? Or there would be more candidates pushing to be Emperor? Who could they...
  11. The Sons of Semiramis - A house of Folkung Kalmar Union

    What about Anne of Savoy? IOTL she married only in 1478 to Frederick I of Naples (who wasn't even the heir to the throne by then, only the third in line). A marriage to a king, even if from distant Scotland, would be a boost to the House of Savoy. She was a niece of Louis XI of France (her...
  12. WI Joseph I dies during the siege of Landau (1702) ?

    While I think that putting one one of Joseph's daughters (probably Maria Josepha) as queen of Spain would be sensible, I'm not sure it would be a solution accepted by France after the war was already going on. I wonder if she could be used in some kind of arrangement, like giving Spain and its...
  13. WI Joseph I dies during the siege of Landau (1702) ?

    I was reading about the War of the Spanish Succession and I've found this interesting piece of information about the Siege of Landau, the only military operation that then Archduke Joseph (later Emperor Joseph I) participated: So, WI Joseph had been shot instead of the gunner? How would it...
  14. The Sons of Semiramis - A house of Folkung Kalmar Union

    I think it fits the history of noble houses' names of half of Europe :closedeyesmile: You can always create something different, of course. I like the history that the Vasas created their surname from the vase in their coat of arms instead of the contrary. Maybe something similar could happen here?
  15. The Sons of Semiramis - A house of Folkung Kalmar Union

    Why not Bjalbo or Skanninge after their ancestral lands?