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  1. Additional belligerents in the Vietnam War?

    What if the Cubans sent more support/troops on Soviet flagged ships.
  2. Alternate castings in Film/TV that could've been?

    Nicholas Cage as Superman.
  3. DBWI:If FDR ran in the 1944 election?

    I'm still surprised that more Americans are not still angry at Wallace for not using the bomb on the Japanese. I mean Operation Downfall cost tens of thousands of American lives. I don't know if the Japanese would have surrendered before 1946, but it wouldn't have hurt. After all there were...
  4. DBWI:If FDR ran in the 1944 election?

    It depends to a large degree on whether his doctors were right and how soon he dies. I heard that FDR was going to get rid of Wallace and go with Truman as his VP. I don't know much about Truman's career in Congress. I'm fairly certain that he wouldn't have gotten us involved in a land war in...
  5. If Japan destroys the US carriers at Pearl Harbor and Germany beats the soviets in early/mid 1942, how is this going to affect the pacific war?

    It's going to slow the Pacific war down by a year or so, but eventually someone on the Axis side is going to get a case of extreme sunburn.
  6. WI: the German Empire invaded the United States

    Am I the only one who was reminded of the book 1901?
  7. WI: Tom Selleck takes the role of Indiana Jones

    You mean you didn't like him in the first one? ;)
  8. Would Ted Kennedy Have Become President Without Chappaquiddick?

    All the Republicans did in the 1980 campaign was use the same misery index against Carter that Carter had used against Ford in 1976.
  9. V-1 and V-2 rockets deployed against Eastern Seaboard

    They wouldn't have cellphones, but they would have radios. After all if the USN was worried about a Japanese fishing boat having a radio in 1942 so they launched the Doolittle raid early, what makes you think that American civilian boats wouldn't have radios in 1944? The USN did use blimps...
  10. AHC: Better Arab performance in the Yom Kippur war

    Asking advice from the Vietnamese may not work either. I heard that during the first Gulf War the Iraqis asked for advice from the Vietnamese. Supposedly the Vietnamese had advised them that US air strikes were nothing to worry about as the Vietnamese just hid in the jungle and waited them...
  11. WI: Moscow Captured In 1941?

    Don't forget that if the war drags on to August 1945 there will also be a very good chance of parts of Germany getting a very bad case of sunburn. This might have the effect of causing the Japanese to surrender without bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  12. WI: USA agrees to intervene in 1940

    Almost ASB. Very, very little chance that the Senate would do a DOW against Germany in 1940. Practically the only way that I can think of would be if there were a combination of more USN ships sunk by U-boats and also some US civilian ships sunk within sight of the US east coast.
  13. American Motors Reimagined

    As a person who grew up in SE Wisconsin almost anything that keeps AMC around is a good thing.
  14. Best location for the US and UK to block the Japanese in late 1941

    Well, it would certainly help if the USN had torpedoes that worked.