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    AHC: Have a general become president after Eisenhower.

    William Westmoreland wins the South Carolina Republican Primary, gets elected Governor in 74. Then gets chosen as Veep for the GOP Presidential runner in 76/80 and assumes the Presidency once the #1 gets nailed
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    WI Kennedy agreed to be McGovern's running mate?

    McGovern wins 4 or 5 states and somewhere between 40 and 50 EVs instead of 1 state and 17 EVs
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    What if USSR allowed to join Nato ?

    If the USSR joins NATO the organization becomes irrelevant and a new say "Trans-Atlantic Alliance" gets drawn up in its place to keep the Americans in, Germans down, and the Russians out.
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    WI: Dukakis Keeps John Sasso in 1988

    Bush wins by 2-4 points and with ~300-350 EVs instead of 426 EVs and 8 points. Bush had the economy, a relatively popular incumbent he was willing to align with, and a good campaign staff.
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    WI: Ted Kennedy didn’t run for re-election in 2006

    They might get closer, but unless they can really mitigate their down-ballot losses in 2010 gerrymandering and redistricting on top of the Suburban shift not quite kicking in means that the House is probably gone. Better performance in 2010 however might save their Senate majority. Assuming a...
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    The New Order: Last Days of Europe Thread II

    Bennett was a Goldwaterite Conservative who voted for every amendment to weaken the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Act, and who only voted for them because he was slightly more aware of political realities than his compatriot. It's honestly kinda funny how Bennett, a supporter of Robert Taft...
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    WI Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands is captured/killed in May 1940?

    Because the Anglo-Americans can just buy up Oil while at the same time freezing Japanese assets in London and New York, limiting Japanese access, a few extra months of supply won't make a difference to either the Army or Navy when looking at the Two-Ocean Navy Act, stagnation in China, and the...
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    WI Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands is captured/killed in May 1940?

    It's a long way from Formosa to the DEI when compared to Indochina. The Allies would assist the DEI, which was functionally autonomous from the Netherlands anyways, in ensuring that they remain so. Fast Forward to December of 1941 and the Japanese attack the region on schedule
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    If Ford wins in 1976, who's the Democratic Nominee in 1980?

    Mostly because he was the Democratic equivalent of Marco Rubio, incredibly strong on paper but an utter flop nationally, his 1976 DNC remarks landed with a thud, and he didn't make much of an impression on the debate stage
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    The Anglo/American - Nazi War - The on-going mystery

    *32 years, FDR, Truman with 3 terms, Joe Kennedy till 64
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    Wrapped in Flames: The Great American War and Beyond

    I sense some foreshadowing for a future president or the very least Presidential candidate
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    How Close was the 1980 Presidential Election Really?

    Considering the historical record of the operation, an operation riddled with poor intelligence, amateurish mistakes, and working off of assumptions that predicated, among other things, for the Iranians to offer little resistance throughout the whole process. It was an operation that would've...
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    Edward VIII Refuses To Abdicate

    HOI4 has the Gold Standard be the gateway to Fascism, of course it's ASB
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    Wrapped in Flames: The Great American War and Beyond

    There's very racist and there's supporting slavery. The North was one thing, the South was another, to think that the abolitionist movement and its widespread popularity and wealthy backers and the outrage against the abuses and atrocities committed by the South would simply *fade away* once the...
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    What If Gary Johnson won the 2012 Republican Nomination?

    Entitlement reform, Social Liberalism, his stance on Illegal Immigration, he's poison to both the Republican and Democratic Base. Romney was the best candidate out of a mediocre pool and his candidancy was only really good for shoring up support in the Suburbs, Johnson is Romney but even less...