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  1. The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime

    Because the main characters live in cities which would almost certainly be destroyed in a war between Japan and Germany and they're developed as broadly sympathetic people who we don't want to die.
  2. TLIAW: The UK Presidential Election - 2015

    I thought Purnell was PM, given that he was compared to Blair as a potential reformer of the position of Head of State.
  3. TLIAW: The UK Presidential Election - 2015

    I've probably got this completely wrong - but it looks like the UK has twelve "states" (the nine English EU regions, NI, Wales and Scotland) that send 6 electors each to the Electoral College, presumably using some form of PR. Electors vote for their party's candidate for President, and a...
  4. Map of the Fortnight: Main thread

  5. MotF 109: Puzzling States of America

    United American Commonwealth POD: William Penn (not the William Penn, his dad) gets upstate New York from Cromwell after the Glorious Revolution, partly for historic debts owed to him by the Crown, partly because Penn decided to financially support the Parliamentarians, but mostly because a...
  6. TLIAH: This Fair Land

    What have we learned? I write really boring stuff. If I had more time, I would have gone back and edited the entire thing, removed about half, made the rest more pertinent, etc. Will probably come back and redo this at some point when I've improved.
  7. TLIAH: This Fair Land

    Part 3: It's Already Over As the days and weeks went on, the would-be revolutionaries holed up in Hereford Buttermarket began to realise that the longed-for dawn of Social Credit wasn’t coming; in fact, it looked like moderate, American-funded democrats would manage to push aside their more...
  8. TLIAH: This Fair Land

    Part 2: Ethics in Cider Production Despite being entirely self-educated, Box was an intellectually capable and driven man, and he led the ideological transformation of the United Social Leagues from a glorified workers’ union into a bonafide political party. The USL endorsed what Box called...
  9. TLIAH: This Fair Land

    Part 1: What's In The Box? Before the war, Sidney Box had gained a richly deserved reputation as a left-wing agitator. Frustrated at the awful conditions and abuses many agricultural workers in Herefordshire faced, Box single-handedly created a network of unionised workers across the county...
  10. TLIAH: This Fair Land

    Prologue Britain’s humiliating submission to Germany in the hot September of 1917 took many by surprise, but the warning signs had been clear for months: a series of high-profile naval defeats, as arrogant admirals fatally underestimated the German fleet, combined with the German breakthrough...
  11. TLIAH: This Fair Land

    TLIAH = Timeline in an hour. Starting from now (10pm GMT), I will try to write, research and post a mini-timeline, in under an hour. I don't expect to succeed and, even if I finish, it won't be anything good, so this is more than an exercise really - but might be fun. First update incoming.
  12. Plausibility Check: Bobby Darin goes into politics

    OK, so I was reading about Bobby Darin (the guy who sang the good version of Beyond the Sea). Turns out he was actually a pretty ardent supporter of the Democrats and had an obsession with RFK, even helping out with Kennedy's campaign in 1968. RFK's assassination combined with the revelation...
  13. OTL Election maps resources thread

    Excellent work Alex - that is some serious dedication for such a tiny county :p On the It's Our County front, I haven't heard anything else about the proposed pact - it seems the local Kippers disintegrated after a failed coup on the 2015 candidate and it's uncertain if they'll even contest...
  14. WI: The Black Thursday Crash doesn't recover?

    On Thursday 6th of May, 2010, the US stock market lost over 1000 points (about 9% of total value) in 20 minutes, only to rapidly recover the same day. But what if it doesn't, and the stock market continues to tumble? Could any form of government intervention prevent a collapse of the stock...
  15. AHC: Make 9/11 as deadly as possible

    Hit the Towers lower down straight on, with the intention of having them collapse and topple over, wiping out several dozen blocks or even causing something like a domino effect with nearby skyscrapers catching fire.