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  • Jacksaun the Great

  • Hey, just saying I really enjoyed "From whent he came" and it would be awesome if you ever continued it. (First SI i have read with MC from Harrenhall). Hope you are doing good now.
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    Thanks for your comment. I appreciate the interest on this TL. Unfortunately, I've lost the motivation to write the story anymore. There have been brief fits of inspiration, but it has never caught fire. I hesitate to say I have totally abandoned it because I actually plotted out the main conflict and the ending. Alas, the motivation to finish it eludes me...
    euromellows 1
    Perhaps one day, but not in the immediate future. One thing I have learned is that the next story I write will already be finished before I post it - I have too many unfinished TLs on this board.

    Once again, thanks for your comment.
    Jacksaun the Great 1
    i can see where you are coming from, writer's block is a pain in the ass (even when you know what to do). just wanted to know if it was dropped or hiatus, as well as if you are even alive XD
  • RichardWhereat


  • How are you now? Still in a wheelchair, or feeling better?
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    euromellows 5
    Out of wheelchair. I have been recovered for some time now, but shortly after surgery I started an acting appointment as Chief of Staff to a high-profile position. So, extremely busy. That acting appointment finished today, so hopefully I can catch up on the story this weekend.
    RichardWhereat 2
    That is absolutely fantastic to hear. The temporary promotion is nice to hear as well. It came with a decent pay increase?
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