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    Map Thread XX

    This website scares me sometimes.
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    The alternate US of the Great Nebraska Sea.

    In all honesty, I think a lot of of people in this thread are really underestimating just how absolutely devastating the formation of the Great Nebraska Sea would be. You're dealing with a huge refugee crisis encompassing people both within and surrounding the sunken territory, the destruction...
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    Map Thread XX

    I think that’s true to an extent, but assuming Germany doesn’t collapse beforehand, sooner or later the Entente will sue for peace, regardless of what the east looks like. I think it’s perfectly plausible that Germany holds out on the Western Front after winning on the Eastern Front and, be it...
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    Map Thread XX

    Sure, but assuming the war went on until 1918, Germany could still realistically get a lot more territory from Russia while still only squeaking out a narrow victory in the west. If the POD for this TL is in 1917 or 1918, I’d actually argue that it’s way more plausible for Germany to implement...
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    Dreams of Liberty: A Failure At Princeton
    Threadmarks: Riebeeckian chancellery election 1859

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    Map Thread XX

    In my experience, a narrow German victory in WWI typically only applies to the Western Front, given that the Eastern Front in OTL was way more favorable to the Germans, not to mention that they effectively won on that front in OTL when the west was still a stalemate before Brest-Litovsk fell...
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    These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

    I personally can't comment on a lot of this, but Germany was very clearly not unified ITTL. There's a country called Germany, but it exists in southern OTL Germany and Austria whereas Prussia, and the rest of northern Germany for that matter, remains independent from any single German state (I...
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    Flag Thread V

    Despite the lack of incentive due to there being no prize, I’m guessing this is based off of the flag of the short-lived People’s Republic of Korea.
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    Man-Made Hell: The History of the Great War and Beyond

    Yeah, I'd been having trouble with that image for awhile. It should be fixed now though.
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    Man-Made Hell: The History of the Great War and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Chapter Fourteen: Growing Storm Clouds

    Chapter XIV: Growing Storm Clouds “The Turkic Race must no longer be humiliated by incompetent leadership plagued by the decadant lies of liberalism. Friends, it is time for our nation to rise once again!” -Nuri Killigil speaking to members of the National Turkic Legion prior to the March on...
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    Man-Made Hell: The History of the Great War and Beyond

    Hello everyone, welcome to Phase Three! First off, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the patience over these last few months. As I've previously stated, it's been a really busy time for me recently, and knowing that people continue to be interested in Man-Made Hell...
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    Man-Made Hell: The History of the Great War and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Chapter Thirteen: A Bold New World

    Chapter XIII: A Bold New World “The Battle of Berlin and subsequent engagements between the belligerent powers of Europe have made it clear that the Great War is far from over, and the people of the Old World are condemned to suffer many more years of the greatest tragedy of modern history.”...
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    Flag Thread V

    Given that anarcho-communism is a specific form of anarchism, yeah? All anarchist ideologies, by definition, advocate for the abolition of the state.
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    Political Ramifications/Consequences of New English Secession in War of 1812?

    This scenario came up in my end a few days ago because my AP US history textbook mentioned that Aaron Burr was briefly involved in attempts to get New England and New York out of the Union prior to trying out forming his own country in the West, which was weird, given that I don't really recall...
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    i draw this united states map

    Huh, we don't get a lot of hand-drawn stuff, and I do like that highways were added. I would, however, recommend to post one-off maps in either the main Map Thread or to create one thread for all of your artwork as opposed to having multiple threads for each individual map you make. Posting a...