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  1. Why do some believe the Ottomans are a continuation of the Roman Empire?

    The Byzantine Empire was not a "successor" of the Roman Empire as much as its continuation. It was basically an administrative division of the Roman Empire in the east, which survived while the west fell. Also, the Ottomans calling themselves Romans was bound to be just a propaganda move, one...
  2. The Undying Empire: A Trebizond Timeline

    I for one think that Kartvelia has just few years left of their independence, which may end abruptly after Arslan croaks. Of course, along with Trapezuntine domain expansion.
  3. The Undying Empire: A Trebizond Timeline

    Moving a capital is an enormous task, and also I think the eastern conquests are quite recent for him to dedicate time in moving his capital. Also Arslan being old might be a factor, tendency of not disturbing the status quo too much and being overly cautious.
  4. The Undying Empire: A Trebizond Timeline

    I have a feeling that this Mongol horde, isn't a conquering force but rather refugees fleeing from something happening up in the Russian Steppes.
  5. Osman Reborn; The Survival of Ottoman Democracy [An Ottoman TL set in the 1900s]

    A small nitpick @Sārthākā , Correct to Vilayet instead of Viyalet, and to Theodor 'Herzl' instead of Theodor 'Herzi'.
  6. Russia Resurgent - A TL

    😍😍 This is just LOVELY !! Just seeing this made my day brighter and happier.
  7. Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?

    Good Sir, the entire process for the same occurred under the Churchill Government, Attlee was just left with accepting the fait accompli of the Partition after coming to power in 1945. Also Attlee was just concerned about pulling back from the colonies, I doubt he gave much thought to what...
  8. Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?

    Those electoral results became possible just due to extensive British support of the League in the wake of INC opposition to Indian participation in WW2. It was just the culmination of the British "Divide and Rule" policy. Also I believe the system of separate electorates in which a Muslim...
  9. America - Albion's Orphan - A history of the conquest of Britain - 1760

    The title of the Peshwa, means "Prime Minister", not the "Emperor". The "Emperor" of the Maratha Empire would still be the 'Chhatrapati' who sits in Satara, of the Bhosale dynasty. Even though the Peshwa wields almost complete power in TTL (as in OTL eventually), effectively being like the Shoguns.
  10. America - Albion's Orphan - A history of the conquest of Britain - 1760

    What is the position of the Chhatrapati like now ?
  11. Russia Resurgent - A TL

    Just how Pakistan is out of the grips of its military ? Even when there was economic prosperity, there was still the control of the military, either in the shadows or blatant ? Just how this Pakistan got rid of it ? I am asking so because only the elected government seems to be focussed upon...
  12. Russia Resurgent - A TL

    Israelis are getting the fruit of their hubris, which they got away with all these years. Time for them to receive a good drubbing. Also, a Very Happy Dussehra to you 😀😀.
  13. America - Albion's Orphan - A history of the conquest of Britain - 1760

    There are 13 vowels and 36 consonants in the Devanagari script. Might want to correct that. Also, Mumbai has been made into a singular island ? When did the requisite land reclamation happen ?
  14. Russia Resurgent - A TL

    Shouldn't the Tsar be Mikhail II and not Mikhail I ? Is the ascension of Grand Duke Micheal, the brother of Nicholas II, not considered legitimate ?