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  • BlackDragon98


  • I just read "The Way is Shut" over at

    Helluva good read. Except I read it at night and I had to lock the bedroom door before going to sleep. That black ooze stuff was some level of creepy.

    I felt that the piece could have very easily come out of the World War Z book itself. You captured Brooks's writing style and tone perfectly.

    Really hope you write more WWZ stuff. You're really good it.

    -Black Dragon
  • MrCharles


  • Having just reread the whole thread, and not wishing to necro it, is Cato’s Cavalry going to be continued?
  • Scorpius72

  • Okay, so when will you be posting a new chapter as it has been years since it was updated?
  • Garrison

  • Given the recent history of threads I am beginning to think that Post-1900 should just be renamed, 'How can the Nazi's Win the War?' and have done with it. The sheer amount of Wehraboo crap is ludicrous, both in volume and content.
  • Deleted member 142159

  • I partially blame you for the sleep deprivation. Your writing is so damn good! Here I am at ONE F**KIN THIRTY A.M., the day before the day before an exam. eff you, and teach me your ways, O Master of Fanfiction.
  • mauveine

  • Is it possible for you to add threadmarks to your older stories, like 'Fireflies'. It'd be awfully convenient if it could be done
  • Publicola

  • Do you plan to continue 'How Marcus Tullius Cicero Saved the Republic'? That is one of my favorite stories on this site, and it'd be a shame to let it die.

    Also, would you be willing to add threadmarks to make the story easier to navigate? I'm planning to re-read it (I think this will be the fifth time) but it's a bit clunky to scroll to find each new chapter.
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    Cymraeg 2
    I do plan to continue it at some point, I just need to do some more research on his year as Consul.
    Publicola 1
    Glad to hear it!

    Would you be willing to add the threadmarks to the story?
  • Art

  • I was just wondering is Beware the Dragon's Flame is dead for good. . .
  • Mr. Magi

  • 'Allo, I just finished going through Splinters after going through the first two books of Cato's Cavalry. I was just wondering if it was possible that you might want to continue that one; it a great ride.
  • lancastrian

  • Hello Marc.

    Do you intend to continue the Timeline " How Marcus Tullius Cicero saved the Republic - with some help,"
    I have just bought the first Book, plus Cato's Cavalry 4, the Northern Conspiracy on Kindle from Amazon.
    I thoroughly enjoy your writings.

    Stephen John Ward (lancastrian)
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