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  1. Could a commoners "people's religion" have spread throughout Ancient Rome prior to Christianity?

    I mean, the easy evidence that Christianity was not solely the work of one man and his state apparatus is that Armenia converted first, when it wouldn’t have been automatically advantageous in sucking up to Rome or whatever.
  2. Could the Safavids have won the battle of Chaldiran?

    I’ll certainly read this timeline when it is published, it’s a fascinating concept for a very different Mideast and the author seems very knowledgeable. Wouldn’t he have to finish outright conquering the Ottomans first? And that flat out isn’t possible at this stage: the Ottomans have a...
  3. Which Byzantine Alternate History AH should I do?

    Voted for Basil because that’s a good era for a Byzantine “wank” while keeping the country recognizably “Byzantine” as opposed to “Roman” or “a dead man walking” (looking at you, Morea). The TL I’d really like to see someone do someday is a Bulgarian conquest of Tsarigrad that has the...
  4. What if Ottoman Empire was Christian?

    It might be easier to take a much later PoD, where Osman I converts to Christianity as a turcopole and then establishes a Turkish Anatolian state. Put simply it is highly unlikely that the Oghuz Turks would choose Christianity over Islam; there’s no advantage to the former and in fact could make...
  5. Latinokratia scenarios

    Oh, man, how did I forget the Normans? Of course they’d be an excellent candidate for this. Did either of those expeditions really have the manpower and/or siege power to bring down the Theodosian Walls, though? Or would it be better to postulate an ATL Norman invasion with additional backing...
  6. Latinokratia scenarios

    What if the dreams of Enrico Dandolo and various medieval popes of Catholic Rhomania had been realized in a more substantial, successful sense than the Latin Empire of OTL? I don’t want to discuss the possibility of a more successful Latin Empire here, as that has been done a lot before. My...
  7. A Greater House of Islam

    To be fair there’s a long and vaunted tradition of Muslim raids finding unexpected success and pushing on into an actual war of conquest (Egypt, Iberia, etc) and that could potentially happen in France as well.
  8. Argentine Falklands/Malvinas

    Does the oil make a difference for Argentine economic fortunes?
  9. WI: Constantine & Orhan Celebi became Co-Emperors?

    By 1453 the Empire is dead, dead, dead. If the Ottomans miraculously don’t take it in this siege they’ll take it in the next. There is no viable route to survival, no magic bullet to save Constantinople. It’s dead, Jim.
  10. Justinian II conquers the Caliphate during second fitna

    The Empire pops like a swollen zit thanks to conquering a massive amount of hostile territory.
  11. What if Turks never came to Anatolia?

    I seem to recall @Gloss having a source about this a while ago.
  12. What if Turks never came to Anatolia?

    Even when the Byzantines had held Egypt for centuries and it had been majority Christian it was a focal point of discontent; there’s no realistic way for them to retake Egypt in this era, I agree. Syria is already their frontier, I don’t see why they couldn’t retake it. Palestine is more of an...
  13. What if Turks never came to Anatolia?

    The OP is vague but most commenters have interpreted it to mean no Seljuks, which is possible if a bit difficult. I personally took it to mean that Seljuk himself died young before making a name for himself and amassing a tribe. There will still be Oghuz Turks migrating south into Khwarezmia and...
  14. What if Turks never came to Anatolia?

    Oh, and there’s also the Mashriq and Western Persia to consider, at this point under the Buyids and other local dynasties of the “Iranian intermezzo.” If the Seljuks don’t emerge and overrun these minor statelets, native Persian culture will be even more ascendant across the Mideast than OTL...
  15. What if Turks never came to Anatolia?

    The ERE was pretty damn vulnerable to having similar situations play out pretty regularly with regards to civil wars and new dynasties. All it really takes for a big defeat is for the next Persian power to take advantage of one of these, just as Alp Arslan did IOTL. On the other hand, you’re...