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  1. What are the biggest mysteries of the Dark Ages?

    Can you elaborate on this? There seems to be extensive historical evidence for the existence of Charlemagne (the Palace at Aachen, various other Carolingian constructions dated to the time he was supposed to have ruled, coinage) even if we take the written records as fabricated in some way.
  2. Save one Historical Microstate

    Given a few colonial shenanigans I absolutely think it would be possible to save the Lanfang Republic, easily one of the most fascinating minor states in Southeast Asian history:
  3. Which Italian Nation you would’ve wanted to unite a portion of Italy

    The Pope uniting Italy is fun as a meme, but in reality would’ve been a theocratic nightmare. Bear in mind that even within the OTL Papal States the government was a tyrannical and oppressive thing, such as the infamous time it paved over half of the old town of Perugia to build a fortress to...
  4. Rome could never survive as one big nation

    It’s the Trent War debate for our ancient history fans.
  5. Last Light of Gaul: the Domain of Soissons endures

    Did the Saxons engage in any Channel piracy? That could be a pretext to attack across it.
  6. Music WI: Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix Live?

    These three musicians’ untimely and sudden deaths in quick succession rocked the music world and arguably sent popular culture down a different path in the early ‘70s. If they had all survived—even just for a few more years—what impact might that have had on music and pop culture?
  7. Last Light of Gaul: the Domain of Soissons endures

    How much of the villa system and/or Gallo-Roman high society has survived in the Syagrian realm ITTL? I understand how long it lasted under the Franks is a matter of debate, varying by region; OTL this area became Frankified pretty quickly, while Narbonensis kept a more conservative culture for...
  8. PC/WI: Venice has its lagoon dammed and polderized as punishment by a conquering state?

    In a similar vein, a massively wanked rival merchant republic might try and do the same to assert dominance over Italian trade or something.
  9. AHC: Wank Greek Colonization

    Just to be clear, this isn’t referring to either modern Greece or Alexander’s colonization efforts—this is about the society-wide colonization efforts from the 8th to 6th centuries BCE. How much farther afield could Greek apoikia have been established? For instance, how could we get them to pass...
  10. And All Nations Shall Gather To It - A Crusades TL

    I don’t know that Christian Morocco is necessarily in the cards even if Tunisia and eastwards is all Christian.* It’s a significant power in its own right and it would be fighting on its home turf, which OTL spelled disaster for Europeans trying to conquer it. I could see Morocco holding out for...
  11. Fall of Constantinople 718

    It means Greek culture enters the Muslim sphere directly, instead of by indirect osmosis (eg, translating Greek works), which has major effects on the still-developing Islamic world’s culture. The strains of Islam influenced by Platonic thought IOTL are likely to become much more so ITTL, for...
  12. AHC/WI More expansionist Indosphere

    You probably want more internal division and competition in the subcontinent to encourage expansion and innovation. I don’t think you need to get rid of Islam entirely, but you probably want to make it one of multiple competitive forces instead of the monolithic geopolitical situation of Islam...
  13. Alternate National Parks

    Are there any natural landmarks, forests, mountains, etc, in your country which you feel could have feasibly been formally made a national park of some kind but haven’t been OTL for one reason or another? This could even be with a theoretical PoD way way back, like a city built centuries ago...
  14. AHC: Philippine folk religion becomes a national religion of the Philippines

    I think you need an earlier PoD, where the folk religion does better against Catholicism or at least gets revived deliberately earlier on, possibly as part of a nationalistic movement like those of Europe in the mid-19th century.
  15. And All Nations Shall Gather To It - A Crusades TL

    There’s a substantial Coptic literary corpus already, I can’t see the Demotic script being dropped easily. The idea of a Coptic Rite Catholicism becoming a big thing in Egypt has a lot of potential. I can see the Christians in Palestine eventually adopting some measures of the rite as the...