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  1. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    So is the plan for Phönix to just fire it off and let fly out of the solar system in whatever direction it ends up going until it runs out of power?
  2. Linguistic what if: English retains its grammatical genders:

    You should use Thorn (Þ,þ) as opposed to P,p. That aside, it depends on the following history. No or little Norse influence from the Vikings will butterfly the Normans. There would still be French influence but not to the amount we had OTL. We probably see some words lose their genders as...
  3. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    Oh snap, the 800 lb domino just tripped over. I can't wait to see where this goes.
  4. AHC: Greater Virginia

    Maybe something like Tennessee's Grand Divisions but they actually be useful for something?
  5. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    Might they try for something like an O'Neill cylinder?
  6. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    Yo, this timeline has had plenty of those. It's scary what could be next. I'm calling an incident US vs Venezuela
  7. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    The Emerald Isle is gonna end up glowing green, lol
  8. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    I love the hard sci-fi this timeline is turning to
  9. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    What's the command structure like on the Hammer? The ranks look naval (zur See) but I wonder if they'll keep it that way or is lessons learned from the Hammer will have them try something different on Feuerdrache
  10. Segregation in a Confederate Victory

    Northern States were segregated before the war and would continue to be so afterwards. For example, in 1838, Pennsylvania amended their State Constitution for only "white freemen", New Jersey did so in 1807, and New York for non-propertied blacks in 1821 (also removing the property requirements...
  11. WI France Partitioned/Split after Waterloo

    Resurrect Burgundy? It really doesn't matter which one, either.
  12. AHC: ATL name for Germany

    Thedish, with long e, from thede 'folk'. For the country, Thedeland? Thedia?
  13. Why american empires?

    Also during this century, Austria became an Empire, not just as part of HRE. Germany became an Empire. The British King was also Emperor of India. Imperial titles were in style.
  14. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    I love hearing about the German space infrastructure in this timeline.