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  1. Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?

    Enver was so incompetent it is hard to fathom people who could do worse. I am confident over 99.999% of the human population in his place would do better.
  2. The Eternal Empire: Emperor Maurice dies before being overthrown

    Indeed for all that an excellent ruler is great peaceful and calm years are just better. Especially since the ruler still needs to be good enough to not create problems where there are none.
  3. Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?

    Yes, it was his personal property not the country's. It really is the strongest early example of the kind of widespread atrocities that would be committed over the course of the 20th century. The same people responsible for despoiling half the world twisted Belgium's wrist to annex it from...
  4. Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?

    Nah people did learn, it was simply the wrong lessons. A Britain or France more like pre-WWI would have stopped Nazi build-up before it could have amounted to much, Germany wouldn't have gone for pie in the sky plan(I blame Moltke's idiotic plan on making people think this was a good idea, poor...
  5. Place In the Sun: What If Italy Joined the Central Powers?

    Historically speaking movements that desperately attempt to regain a nation's lost glory tends to backfire pretty badly.
  6. Una diferente ‘Plus Ultra’ - the Avís-Trastámara Kings of All Spain and the Indies (Updated 12/27)

    I don't think Spain would be blind to the consequences of France managing to expand their eastern borders given they also have designs on their southern borders. Plus there is also the fact that the natural ally of France against the HRE is the Ottomans another thing Spain would very much object...
  7. Until Every Drop of Blood Is Paid: A More Radical American Civil War

    The best way is to simply use watched threads to keep up instead of alerts, that way you always know any given thread is active. I use it so much that it is the first suggestion on address bar when I type 'alt', once you get used to always checking it then you never miss anything from a thread...
  8. On early Brazilian industrialization and the plausibility of becoming a Superpower under certain circumstances

    Indeed, the easiest POD is to have another significant communist country beyond China so that when the USA brings up France and Brazil the Soviets can go China and X.
  9. NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM: The Wilmot Proviso Passes

    Even more setting up themselves for disappointing is funny, if dark given what they do to people. Slavery in Brazil wasn't sustainable like it was in the USA, it absolutely required the slave trade and though they kicked the can down the road a few decades by this point in time everyone already...
  10. Until Every Drop of Blood Is Paid: A More Radical American Civil War

    The government had managed to negotiate things to the point they were all satisfied. The coup was the tiny group of republican supporters realizing the chance for one was vanishing and it was now or never, it was so small people passing by in the street thought it couldn't be anything important...
  11. Europa Universalis IV - 13 August 2013

    Haven't touched any Paradox stuff for a while now(the company just keeps disappointing me in everything they do) but I remember using Clausewitz Scenario Editor for a lot of things and political map + date is something IIRC it had.
  12. Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    It is such a bad idea I am thinking they are only trying to get better offers for staying out of it.
  13. An Age of Miracles Continues: The Empire of Rhomania

    I think the main point is that Rhomania's enemies tend to all be this highly skilled people while Rhomania wins because as a nation it is far more advanced than anyone, to the point of stretching plausibility IMHO, so that it doesn't matter that commanders commit blunder after blunder with...
  14. Geopolitics of a Superpower Brazil

    Brazil can't really be a superpower, not unless you screw a lot of countries or change things so much it isn't really Brazil anymore(for instance inheriting the Portuguese colonial empire). Being a great power is doable though. Easiest if the divergence is centuries ago so there is gradual...
  15. Until Every Drop of Blood Is Paid: A More Radical American Civil War

    People might have their own individual reasons to rally to the Confederacy, but the Confederate cause was about slavery explicitly and thus that is what they were all fighting for. While you can make excuses for the common person, the Confederacy is forever tagged with the fact they were willing...