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  1. What If? Edward II had married a surviving Maid of Norway?

    At a guess, sooner or later the English would push the Scots too far, and the Scots would manage to disallow Margaret's right. There would probably be a number of Scots who would stay loyal, if only because they hated the rebels personally. And, as in otl, the French would back the anti-England...
  2. Make Russia considered part of the West

    With no or less Mongol invasions, a thriving Ukraine might lead to more European cultures in its area?
  3. In Britannia Salutem

    Thanks for posting anything. Good wishes for RL.
  4. Your favorite areas of interest in the Early Middle Ages?

    It may be a little early to qualify, but I ticked 'other' for Christian North Africa.
  5. In Britannia Salutem

    Myself, I do like posts like that last one. A sidebar, but it shows people's lives.
  6. A Richard for All Seasons - Richard III wins the Battle of Bosworth Field

    I'd be interested to read a scene or two of what's happening in Ireland or Scotland?
  7. Alternate Planets, Suns, Stars, and Solar Systems Thread

    Thank you for the reply! (Like you, I'd heard the opposite somewhere, but I'm certainly no expert.)
  8. 2018 Turtledove (closes 3/10/18 Eastern) - Best Ancient Timeline Nominations and Seconds

    Best Ancient Timeline: In Britannia Salutem Lindsayman
  9. Alternate Planets, Suns, Stars, and Solar Systems Thread

    Glaciation: Is this the right place to ask a general question about glaciation (mainly for world building)? I've just read that snowball earth/the Cryogenian/Varanger Ice Age was so drastic because there was no land at the poles. Is this a valid rule?
  10. Of Rajahs and Hornbills: A timeline of Brooke Sarawak

    @Al-numbers : sending you best wishes, and thanks for this tl.
  11. Alternative Domesticated Species

    Maybe has something?
  12. In Britannia Salutem

    Love Rosemary Jorgsdottir!
  13. What are some realistic but minor PoDs that could happen from 300BC up to the 1600 AD

    1100: In his rush to Westminster, Prince Henry has a bad enough fall so that Robert's supporters can proclaim him king.
  14. A Richard for All Seasons - Richard III wins the Battle of Bosworth Field

    Thanks for another good post; am hoping you'll clear up about Edward IV's sons soon.
  15. Best place ever to maintain a civilization?

    The Mediterranean has been so productive ttl I'd look there first. Spain has mineral resources, access to two separate seas, and some protection in the Pyrenees. In the beginning, anyway, southern and/or eastern Spain would be my choice. And there should be offshoots in southern France or elsewhere.