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  1. While my schedule is rather hectic,and my writing skills a little cluttered, I really got...

    While my schedule is rather hectic,and my writing skills a little cluttered, I really got interested by your thread, thank you
  2. The Art of the Deal: Trump in '92

    Another funny / interesting TL i would want to watch.
  3. 6th Republic of the Philippines

    Noli De Castro was VP during 2004-2010 though, what happened to him?
  4. The Reign of Romulus Augustus

    This really was a fascinating timeline, i do wish to see more.
  5. Deseret in Dixie

    Another Mormon TL, I'll follow this
  6. nuclear 9/11

    They probably wouldn't attack that day especially if they want one go at the Capitol, because security will be tight as hell on those days
  7. nuclear 9/11

    Considering that this attack makes pearl Harbor look like a birthday party, I wonder if Bush can make some stirring war speech
  8. AHC: Thor's Hammer as one of the UK's Crown Jewels

    Because the real one can't be lifted by mere mortals? :p
  9. Romans on the Lake Chad

    This should go along with colonies in the Americas and remnants in China. Isn't this portion of Africa hard to live in with all the malaria and other diseases?
  10. WI/AHC: Washington is assassinated during his presidency. What happens next?

    The rum party :p That's a funny way to end his term, because of rum
  11. A Holy Shield: Alternate Ancient Israel

    This looks nice, are you going for the biblical Israel though? Because other people don't usually consider that state plausible at least without a lot of major changes
  12. An Age of Miracles Continues: The Empire of Rhomania

    Great update It's a shame that a lot of my favorite timelines are getting locked due to thread length but it's a sign of its popularity that it even reached that long Cheers to a couple more locked (due to length) threads
  13. An Age of Miracles: The Revival of Rhomanion

    Another great update! I think the situation the ERE has now is basically the problem of staying on top when the rest of the world is catching up, it's being nibbled everywhere because it's hard to maintain everything. Though i hope they somehow manage to expand after this and end the war...
  14. World War I: German Neutrality

    With the Russians(and French, I guess) becoming far more powerful in the next few years, wouldn't the British start going towards the German camp to balance the power in Europe? A UK - German vs Franco - Russian world War 1 by 1920?