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  • thorr97

  • Carl,

    Hello and good day.

    I've enjoyed reading your posts about Dragoon and I've an idea I'd like to run by you. It involves an ATL in which the forces slated for the Italian campaign wind up instead going through the Bosphorus and seizing the Romanian oil fields. A few PODs there, not the least of which being an Allied inspired coup which sets the change in Bosphorus access.
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    thorr97 1
    My message was a bit more than just the 420 limit. So I'll await your reply before posting more.
    Carl Schwamberger 1
    I'd do a hell of a lot of research on Turkic politics & the unsuccessful attempts by all parties to turn the Turks their way.
  • burtledog

  • Hey Carl,
    Haven't been on the board for a couple of weeks...not checked in just after it crashed. What happened to TFSmith121? Banned? That must have been some brouhaha.
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