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    Graphic Thread

    Hey guys! First post here in what feels like it might be years, lol, but I've been getting into pixelart recently and wanted to share something I made. This is just a quick little spaceship design from an ASB near-future space western world, with more than a little inspiration for the "racer"...
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    Crusader Kings III

    They could represent this with attrition quite well. Huge Chinese armies able to defend the homeland, but unable to attack out into the steppes or jungle, or cross the Himalayas.
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    Crusader Kings III

    Honestly, the CK2 election system for them was sort of gamey, but definitely approximated things. Ideally, though, CK3 would combine a version of that with a totally revamped, unique non-feudal base gameplay for Imperial government for Byzantium and maybe parts of the East (that could later be...
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    Crusader Kings III

    Byzantines are too strong, but I love how Dread means you don’t have to always be Mr Nice Guy to have a stable realm.
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    Crusader Kings III

    I think maybe it was because it messed with the dynastic system? Idk, I feel like a robust adoption system would be needed. Maybe that will come as part of a Rome DLC or something.
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    What are potential effects of a surviving Byzantium on Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation?

    It just seems like a silly, surface-level assumption that a “Reformation” is bound to happen by some inevitable law of it Being the Sixteenth Century like this is EU4 or something. The Catholic Church lasted for hundreds of years with just as much blatant corruption without a similar movement.
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    Map Thread XX

    Oh wow that’s very nice looking. Looks like I’m just gonna make a microworlds and an uninterpolated scaled up version lol. I just think microworldas are so cute, as cute as a map can be at least.
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    Map Thread XX

    A really, really tiny piece of microworlda of a Europe colonized by Indo-Asian powers. Colors are similar to their European "counterparts" so it's easier to get a grip of the politics of this mirror world. The time is shortly before their "WWI," as this is a loose sort of mirror world more than...
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    Are Cathars the allegorical "founders" of modern Christianity?

    I think maybe he’s talking about the Cathars’ greater acceptance of women in the church? Maybe? At a loss too tbh.
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    Map Thread XIX

    WI: A more evangalizing Buddhism? This map explores a world in which Buddhism, after its founding, is spread with more vigor and to even farther out places due to slight theological differences. It spreads far to the West, eventually piquing the interest of the Hellenics, particularly the small...
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    Map Thread XIX

    Hey guys! I haven't posted a map on here in a long time, but that doesn't mean I've stopped making them! (This is CtrlAltHistory btw, lol, name change.) This is the map of my DnD campaign world, Palac, in the year 1250 AC (After the Calamity), all nice and digitally drawn out now that...
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    Which one of these presidents is your favorite?

    Lincoln was also a racist who overused his wartime powers when it comes to personal freedoms. Doesn’t make him the worst president ever. Wilson was pretty bad, but in a world where Buchanan and even Jackson exist he’s not the worst.
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    Largest Byzantine Empire during crusades

    Probably just a sockpuppet.
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    What if a legislature had empty seats based on voter turnout?

    Maybe a clause for a snap election when war is declared with an empty seat majority?