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    Kings naming their kids after obscure saints

    The Medici got their unique dynastic name of Cosimo from their progenitor Cosimo the Elder, who in turn was named after Sts. Cosmas and Damian, the twin saints, because Cosimo himself had a younger twin brother, who received the name of Damiano. If Damiano had survived infancy, that might have...
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    Greek nationalism in late Byzantium

    It did. Hellenism became a major force in the Empire of Nicaea, especially after the reign of Theodore II Laskaris. It remained a major force until the end of the empire, with intellectuals like Plethon stressing Hellenic identity over Roman identity. It would probably have been more prevalent...
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    Military coups in USA lead to far-right dictatorship? Basically an American pinochet?

    We can’t because the dictatorships you mentioned rely on specific 20th century conditions that don’t exist in the timeframe you set, e.g. anticommunism, positivism, modernization programs etc. However, a Caesarist/Bonapartist dictatorship isn’t impossible, I think, but I’ll leave that to the...
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    Crusader Kings II - Paradox Entertainement (02/12)

    You should probably ask in the After the End Discord. I think the link is back at the Paradox forums.
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    AHC/WI: Southern Brazil/Paraná Basin independent country

    Don’t have the Portuguese monarchy install itself in Rio after 1808. If they don’t come, São Paulo remains mostly unattached from Rio, and this scenario becomes possible.
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    Was Tuscan Colonization doomed to fail?

    The Medici self-destructed after Cosimo II’s reign. I’d say a small colony would be entirely possible as long as Medici leadership does not become braindead in Florence, like it did in the 17th and 18th centuries.
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    What if the UK of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves survived to the present day?

    Check out this thread:
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    Crusader Kings II - Paradox Entertainement (02/12)

    Why don’t you raise an Anti-Pope and install him as Pope? Also, do you have Free Investiture?
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    WI: A Prussian like dictatorship in Brazil.

    Not really, no. The ties between Portugal and Brazil are minimal beyond the cultural and dynastic spheres. At most, Brazil would take a looooong while to recognize the Portuguese Republic and the Portuguese royals could seek exile in Brazil, but I think they would prefer somewhere in Europe. A...
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    WI: A Prussian like dictatorship in Brazil.

    The obvious answer to that is have Pedro II’s sons survive and have the next emperor be a brilliant statesman who can make use of the Moderator power to push the reforms the OP wants. But that’s kinda cheating, I think. Still, Prince Dom Afonso has some potential because he would have been old...
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    WI: The Pazzi conspiracy kills Lorenzo de' Medici

    Cosimo the Elder once tried to make his fifth cousin Donato de’ Medici, whom he had installed as Archbishop of Pisa, a Cardinal. The attempt failed (one of the very few failures of Cosimo), but the fact that a fifth cousin rose high in the church hierarchy and was almost made a Cardinal does...
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    WI: The Pazzi conspiracy kills Lorenzo de' Medici

    Ezio would be pissed. On a more serious note, I wouldn’t discount the Medici just yet. Their bank is already in decline, due to the mismanagement of its head director whose name escapes me, but the networks of patronage and clientelism in Florence are at their strongest. The Medici faction...
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    How would a communist Brazil look like?

    Why do you consider that a specifically Latin American trait?
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    Crusader Kings III

    Yes, but not the DLC.
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    AHC: Alternate Early Modern Mediterranean Empires

    Ladislao of Naples might have a good shot at it if he can consolidate his Italian domains and give up his Hungarian ambitions.