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  1. DBAHQ: If the United States did not annex Mexico, How would it affect the secession crisis of 1860 - 61

    "As we all know" and "OOC" are signs that you've just created a scenario to roleplay in, not a counterfactual to examine.
  2. WI New Territories ceded in perpetuity and British annexed Southern Guangdong in exchanged Weihaiwei returned to Qing jurisdiction?

    You've been warned and warned to slow down the spamming. Take a look at varyar's advice and hash your ideas out a bit more instead of just posting everything that pops into your head. Kicked, again.
  3. Naslediye : How Bukharin Transformed The World / A Conversational TL

    I'm not really sure where this is going but a TL about Zhirinovsky and Donald Trump is inevitably going to be about contemporary politics.
  4. Improve the Singapore Strategy

    A few months ago, you were told: So yeah. Be more civil. Kicked for a week.
  5. Indy's grand strategy Maps

    PM them. Leave this thread be.
  6. Indy's grand strategy Maps

    It's really obnoxious to keep making zero-content bumps of dormant threads. Don't do that.
  7. AHC: Sanity options for Haiti

    I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're not actually advocating for genocide here. Please don't post things that could be mistaken for calls for genocide.
  8. DBWI: Alt history forum does not close

    This is frivolous and stupid.
  9. AHC Screw Russia as hard as possible.

    I've already kicked you for this type of bullshit. It should be extremely obvious that this is not the way to treat other posters, and since you clearly have no intention of being a productive part of this community, I'll just go ahead and ban you.
  10. No American involvement in the First world War

    Welcome to the board. You've posted twice here, and each time you bumped long-dead discussion threads. That is discouraged here unless you're significantly contributing to the discussion.
  11. WI: The Consequences if Cao Cao declared himself Emperor

    Don't @ mods when you want something, use the report function.
  12. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread III

    Come on, dude. You didn't need to bring in a contentious political topic just because he used a word associated with that topic. He was using the term in a much more specific way than the voodoo economics context.
  13. Jefferson Davis Confederate General

    This is for all your posts in this thread, not just this one. You really really need to stop being so aggressive to other posters, particularly in defense of the Confederacy. You don't need to defend the honor of the slaveowners in every thread on the topic. Kicked for a week, again.
  14. AHC Make Democrats the Conservative party

    It's valid to argue that the Democrats are currently the party of the status quo and the Republicans a radical party. Even if that teeters on the edge of current politics, it's in keeping with the thread. An impassioned rant about the evil of the status quo is just political flamebait.
  15. Photos of the New Order

    Let's keep our posting PG-13. There's no reason you had to put cinematic nudity in that post beyond edginess.